What is the meaning of Poke

Poke Means in Hindi

If you run Facebook, then you must have noticed one thing that there is an option in Facebook to poke. In such a situation, all of you would like to know what exactly poke means and what is the use of poke. Simply put, what is poke meaning in hindi.

This feature of Facebook, which is called Poke, what exactly it means and where you can use it, all of you will get full information about it in this article “What is the meaning of “Poke” in Facebook Poke Means in Hindi”. So you must read this article till the end.

You will also be told in detail about when, where and for what Facebook Poke is used, as well as what is the meaning of Poke in general words, you will also get complete information about it here.

Poke in Facebook means that you want to attract the attention of that Facebook user, just like when you want to attract someone’s attention in real life and they do not know how to listen, then we touch them with our hands. attract his attention.

Like your real life, Facebook has given you such an option in the internet world by which you can attract the attention of any Facebook user towards you.

For example, suppose someone your friend has forgotten you, does not reply to your Facebook message, does not like your post, does not comment on your Facebook post, then you can use this feature to attract his attention.

Apart from this, Facebook Poke has many other meanings, such as if you poke a Facebook user and then he pokes you back too, thus it becomes mutual and it means that now both you and them are each other. You can see the post for some time on your Facebook timeline, whether it is your Facebook friend or not.

Also, if you poke someone and he also pokes you back, then you will see his Facebook post and his Facebook post first on Facebook timeline.

You can also annoy your friends through Facebook Poke, if you want to have fun for a while….

It will work in the same way as you tease your friends by giving a missed call or by sending a message. There will be frequent notifications on his Facebook app about your poke.

What is the meaning of Poke? Meanings of Poke in Hindi

push with a sharp object
to scrape
to sing
And so on….
So you learned that poke in Hindi means to attract attention or punch etc. There are many meanings of poke. So in such a situation you can relate what is the meaning of Facebook Pak.

Simply say that if someone pokes you on Facebook, that means he wants to connect with you, then you can see his profile and if he is a friend or close to you, then add him as a friend and do Facebook chat. can.

how to poke someone on facebook How to Poke
If you want to poke someone on Facebook, then you can do so easily by following the step by step information given below. Facebook Poke Method in Hindi

First of all visit the Facebook profile of whomever you want to poke.
Now click on the side in which you are seeing the option with three dots.
You will see some options here, one of which will also be the option of Poke.
Now you click on Poke and after that confirm and in this way you can poke that person on Facebook.
When you poke someone on Facebook, he gets a notification that you have poked him and if he clicks on that notification then he also gets the option to Poke Back by clicking on which he will send you back again. can poke. ,

Always keep one thing in mind, you cannot poke the same Facebook user again until he replies to the first poke or deletes your first poke.

When to use Facebook Poke
To connect to a Facebook user.
To remind someone that he is not replying to the message and you need him.
Just to joke.
How to Block Facebook Poke
If you want someone not to poke you on Facebook then you can block him on Facebook and if you can do that then he will neither be able to poke you nor send you any message even now he will be able to see your profile Can’t even see. To do this you can follow the below steps….

First of all visit the Facebook profile of whomever you want to block.
Now click on the side in which you are seeing the option with three dots.

You will see some option here, out of which there will also be an option of Block.
Now you click on block and after that confirm it and in this way you can block that person on Facebook.

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