What is Google Adsense? How to earn money from Adsense?

Introduction: Friends, through today’s article, today I will tell you about that topic, about which you may have heard from many of you. I will tell about What is Google Adsense? What are its benefits? You will get complete information regarding this through this article today.

Who doesn’t want to earn money? Especially when it comes to earning money from the Internet, everyone wants to earn money by working on the Internet. Earning money from the internet is neither easy nor difficult. The most important thing that matters is how hard you work and honestly.

Whatever work you do, whether through the Internet or offline, you have to show honesty and hard work towards that work. If we talk about earning money from the Internet, then the name of Blogging and YouTube comes first. . These are two such ways through which you can earn a lot of money. But money does not come just by making videos on YouTube or writing articles on blogs. There is a big link between the work you do on the Internet and the money you get in return for that work.

Adsense is considered a good way to earn money in the profession of blogging and YouTube, there are many reasons for this. Let us then know what is this Adsense and what are its benefits? I request you that you must read this article till the end so that no information is missed from you and you get complete information.

What is Google Adsense?
Adsense itself is a free tool / product of Google itself, through which you can place ads on your youtube channel, blog or website in the form of text, images and videos in the ads blog / website, YouTube operated by the advertising company.

If you are a youtuber and you want Adsense to place ads on your channel then you have to complete 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watchtime on your channel. After this Adsense will start showing ads at the beginning, middle or end of the video in your channel.

If you want to place ads on your blog or website with the help of Adsense, then you have to manage your blog well, publish regular and unique articles. All the articles that you publish should be in accordance with the policy of AdSense, on the basis of this you will be given approval by Adsense, only then ads will be placed on your blog.

How does Adsense work?
This is the information in detail about how Adsense works.

If we want to use Adsense then first we have to apply for Adsense account, after that if our website is correct then we get approval of Adsense.

To earn money from Adsense, we first have to put its ad code in our website, after which ads from Adsense start showing on our website.

Google Adsense provides you income in two ways. As the first impression ie how many people visited your blog and saw ads. The number of people who see ads is called Ads Impression.

The second is on the basis of clicks. This means that how many people clicked on the ads being shown on your blog. The more clicks there are, the more revenue will be generated.

You can see how much money you can earn from Adsense on 1000 visitors, they are not the fix, the income from our adsense is dependent on many things.

The income we earn from Adsense is through Advertiser, and whatever our earnings come in our bank account on 21st of every month if it is more than $100 dollars.

You will get 50+ questions related to Adsense and their answers, in which all the questions related to Adsense are there in your mind.

What are the benefits of Adsense?
This is an absolutely free service operated by google.
No charges are taken for showing ads.
You can adjust the ads according to the blog.
It is the most trusted ads publisher.
You get approval quickly.
Online is a good source of earning.
After completing 100 $, you can transfer money to the direct bank account.
Earns more than other Ads networks.
Does Adsense pay itself?
No, Adsense itself does not give money. After reading all the above articles, it must have come in your mind that Adsense is paid for placing ads, that is, Adsense itself gives money. No it doesn’t give that at all. AdSense only works by publishing the advertisements of the advertising company in the blog or YouTube, in return of which some commission is given to Adsense by that company, some part of which it keeps with itself and some part is given to youtuber and blogger.

Adsense gives us 68% of the publisher i.e., he keeps the rest of the advertiser with him.

For example, ads are being shown on your blog or YouTube by GoDaddy company for the promotion of their product, then it means that the advertisements have been approved by Adsense to publish on your blog or YouTube, in return for which it has been commissioned by GoDaddy. Some part of which she will keep with her and some part will pay you which will be called your income.

“What is Google Adsense” or how does it work and how can you earn money with its help, you must have got the answers to all these questions now. If you still have any question related to Adsense then you can ask by commenting.

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