how to save money 15 easy ways to save money

Important Financial Tips in Hindi: If we do not take proper care of money and do not keep it after thinking ahead, then we can get into big trouble. If you want to avoid any problem related to money, then you have to start saving money from now.

Saving money is not a wrong thing, and it is not that we should think that if we are less money now, then even by doing part time work, we can earn extra.

So the meaning of saying is not to spend money sparingly, but to use money where it is needed right. So let’s know how to do your financial management and know Paise Kaise Bachaye Tips in Hindi.

Paise Ki Bachat Kaise Kare in Hindi
Money is such a thing in the life of a human being that it encourages human being to do many unnecessary work and we forget to conserve money for our future, due to which we also have to face some difficulties when needed.

Today we are going to give you some such information with the help of this creation which will give you some helpful tips for financial work which will help in saving some money from your income for future.

15 easy ways to save money
1: Do not buy property with the help of loan
Many times it has been seen that humans take loan from any bank or private companies and buy the property when they have less money to take any property. By doing this, we have to repay the loan amount more and we are not able to make any kind of savings till the loan period.

Therefore, do not take money on loan to buy property or for any other work.

But if you think, the interest money is not as fixed as you need for that item, then you can also take it.

2: Use your income in an investment plan
If you are working in an institution and you want to save more, then you can take Systematic Investment Plan in a short time or at a young age, you can invest at least 15 to 25% of your income under this plan. Which will help you in your future.

3: Don’t buy unnecessary vehicles
If you do not use a regular car, then you should not buy a car. Despite this, if you take a car, then you will not be able to use the car and will not be able to save.

4: Keep some money as cash
You should keep at least 10% of your total money in the form of cash. This amount will help you in solving unnecessary problems.

5: Start Investing in Mutual Funds
Mutual Fund is the best way to invest money, which is also known as Sip, but the sentence “Mutual Fund Investment Are Subject to Market Risk” written in the company’s profile scares people that their money should not be drowned. .

Before investing, you should know all the profits and losses of the company well and then invest.

6: Simple Matrimonial Program
Excess of money is spent in the celebration of marriage. Many people spend the money they want to show their status, due to which their Saving Amount also ends. If we invest money in these festivals as per the requirement or the marriage ceremony is made simple, then the excess expenditure of money can be reduced.

7: Take into account inflation
Are you keeping all your money in a savings account? If yes then this is your biggest mistake. Do not keep more amount in your savings account, it will not get more interest on your amount. Invest your money in an investment company or any other institution.

8: Keeping track of the money invested
If you are investing your money in stocks, then pay attention to your investments. A separate account has to be opened for delivery and intraday of money in stock, so that you can easily monitor your investments and taxes.

9: Insurance and Insurance Scheme
Never invest in insurance for good returns. Any type of insurance is not the right way to invest money. Insurance is a risk management tool where there is no return of any kind. Yes, there is some insurance in which you get Risk Cover as well as returns, but the average return is 4 to 5%, which is not good in any way.

10: Do not overuse credit cards
Credit cards should not be used for any grand expenditure. If you use a credit card to buy goods, then we have to pay additional service tax along with the price of the item. So if you have a credit card, use it wisely.

11: Share investment information with your family members
If you are making any kind of investment or have taken any kind of loan, then you must inform your family member about all these things, so that after something happens to you, your family members can take advantage of that service or end the service. .

12: Keep Income Balanced
Always keep your income balanced, with respect to income balance, you should also balance your expenses and debts. Do not take any kind of unwanted loan and use your savings as per the requirement.

13: Make a plan before investing
Apart from all the activities happening in your life, make a plan for your Career, Life, Expenses and Finance and do planned work.

14: Keep yourself healthy
The most important thing for a human being is that a person should keep his health healthy, this will not cause any kind of physical hindrance in your work and you will regularize your work. This will keep your income balanced.

15: Prepare a wish letter in advance for the future
Take some time out in your busy life and make a will for all your property. This will keep your family safe from unnecessary problems in your absence.

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