50 Brilliant Business Ideas for You 2021

Keeping many things in mind, these business ideas have been made which are perfect according to today’s time. An estimated information has been given about the cost and profit involved in each business, so that you will get an idea of ​​how much cost is required in which business.

[Cost/Profit is mentioned only for your estimation, its amount may increase or decrease, it depends on many things]

Before telling the business idea, I would like to share a dialogue with you, “No business is big or small and no religion is bigger than business.”

great business ideas [business ideas hindi]
This business ideas includes all these types of business ideas like:

manufacturing business ideas
online business ideas
new business ideas
unique business ideas
small business ideas
side business ideas
Home Business Ideas
big business ideas
low cost business ideas
In this list, I have included the same business which is perfect according to today.

So let’s see…

1. Flour Mill
About the flour mill business: The flour mill is a business that can be started from home, the savings are very high and there is no shortage of customers, if we talk about profits, then 100 to 500 daily in the initial phase of this business. You can earn up to Rs.

You can also put your auto in OLA JC company, so that you will get a ride easily.

Advice: If possible, if you start this business near the ration shop, it will be better and along with wheat, grains like jowar millet maize are also ground.

Cost: Starting from 100000/-

2. Movie Downloading Shop
About Movie Downloading Business: Movie Downloading is such a business in which you have to download the movie once in your computer, then you have to put the same movie in everyone’s mobile. So in the initial phase of this business, you can earn from 100 to 1000 rupees daily. (take a license to do this business)

Tip: You can put movies, songs, games, TV-shows, as well as many things in it.

Cost: Starting from 50000/-

3. Selling water (camper service)
About camper service business: Camper service is a business in which money is earned by selling water only, there will be a lot of competition in the coming time, to start this business, a water plant has to be set up on a small scale and a car. There will be a need in which 100-50 campers come and in the early morning those campers have to come in shops, carts, hotels, it is very popular in wedding parties too.

Advice: To set up business in the beginning, you can go to the shops and tell the people about your camper service, you can give them a little offer, discount etc. If you talk about profits, then in the initial phase of this business from 200 to 1000 rupees daily. can be earned.

Cost: Starting from 20000/-

4. Driving an Auto/Taxi
About Auto / Taxi Business: Driving an auto taxi is such a business in which initially you will need an auto or taxi, although you can also drive it on rent, its demand is high in festivals and events, if we talk about profits then this 300 to 2000 rupees can be earned daily in the initial phase of the business.

Advice: You should pay more attention to it in such a place where your subscription can be closed means to bring that customer every day and you drive auto to some special place like 4-5 in the morning at this time people bring goods from the market and trains also have to come and go. Is.

Cost: Starting from 200000/-

5. Leasing Goods
Giving goods on rent About the business: Giving goods on rent is such a business in which you must have some such goods or things that you can give to the people, it is a very profitable business, if we talk about profits, then in the initial phase of this business. 200 to 1000 rupees can be earned daily.

Tip: Charge low fares in the beginning

Cost: Starting from 10000/-

6. Fruit Store (Fruit Handling)
About the business of setting up fruit carts: Setting up fruit carts is a business that requires people who will sell fruits, in which fruits are bought in bulk from the big market and then the carts have to be filled if we talk about profits. So in the initial phase of this business, you can earn from 500 to 2000 rupees daily.

Advice: You should give more profit to the vendors so that more people can join you and sell the fruits at a lower rate and go by looking at the market.

Cost: Starting from 100000/-

7. Earn Money By Selling Used Goods
How to make money of old goods: In today’s time, there are many such items that people need but due to not having that much money, they like to take second hand, you take advantage of such opportunities and take old goods cheaply from people. You can sell them for a little more money.

You can also use OLX and QUIKR JC website to buy used items. This is the information in detail of how to earn money from OLX.

Advice: While taking the old stuff, make sure to do smallpox with it, otherwise you may also suffer damage.

Cost: Starting from 10000/-

8. Printing work
About Printing Business: Printing is a business in which many types of work can be done, taking print out etc. Printing, doing Xerox etc. If we talk about profits, then in the initial phase of this business, you can earn from 100 to 2000 rupees per day. Is.

Tip: In this, choose the one whose demand is high

Cost: Starting from 100000/-

9. Tailoring Clothes Fittings
About clothes fitting business: Clothes fitting is a business in which clothes have to be fitted, people fit readymade and old kept clothes, if we talk about profits, then in the initial phase of this business, 200 to 1000 rupees can be earned daily. can.

Tip: If possible, it will be better if you do this work in any readymade market.

Cost: Starting from 10000/-

10. Spice Grinding Business
About Spice Grinding Is.

Advice: Grind the spices by hand in front of the people and give all the spices like lentils, porridge rice along with the spices.

grind it

Cost: Starting from 100000/-

11. Delivery Service
About delivery service business: Delivery service is a business in which you have to deliver goods, in this you can deliver many things like food delivery, delivery of goods etc. If you talk about profits, then in the initial phase of this business 300 daily. 1000 can be earned from Rs.

Tip: Start working by joining a company

Cost: Starting from 100000/-

12. Laundry Business
About Laundry Business: Laundry is a business that involves washing clothes. The best thing about this business is that it has captive subscription.

If you talk about profits, then in the initial phase of this business, you can earn from 100 to 500 rupees daily.

Tip: Take a large washing machine and do this work with it

Cost: Starting from 50000/-

13. Repairing
About repairing business: Repairing is such a business in which there is a lot of work, you can do the work of whatever you know more about, if you talk about profits, then in the initial phase of this business, 200 to 1000 rupees daily. can be earned. business ideas in hindi

Tip: Do the one whose demand is high and in which you are satisfied.

Cost: Starting from 20000/-

14. Business of Kitchenware
About kitchen business: Kitchen is such a business in which all kinds of items related to home kitchen have to be sold. You can earn up to Rs.

Advice: Seeing the market environment, start this business

Cost: Starting from 100000/-

15. Kadi Kachori Shop / Handcart
About Kachori Business: Hard Kachori is such a business that it is difficult to handle the customer once it is run If you talk about profit, then in the initial phase of this business, you can earn from 100 to 2000 rupees daily.

Tip: You should start this business in such a place where people keep coming and going and make absolutely delicious Kachori so that the person who eats your Kachori tells 4 more people.

Cost: Starting from 50000/-

16. Hair Cutting Shop
About hair cutting business: Hair cutting is a business whose demand is always there on tehwar and sundays, so the hands are not empty in this business, a lot of money can be earned from this, if we talk about profits, then the beginners of this business In the round, you can earn from 200 to 1000 rupees daily.

Tip: In the beginning, you go by looking at the market, if the cutting rate is running at Rs 70, then you should do this work in 50 only, because of which more customers will come to you.

Cost: Starting from 100000/-

17. Cyber ​​Cafe (Giving Computer Service)
About Cyber ​​Cafe Business: Cyber ​​Cafe is a business in which you can earn money by the hour, not everyone does this business, that is why its demand is high, in this you can feed children games, give internet service etc. If you talk about profits, then in the initial phase of this business, you can earn from 100 to 500 rupees daily.

Tip: Open a cyber cafe in such a place where children can easily reach and also keep great games and some important software like Microsoft office in which people can work.

Cost: Starting from 150000/-

18. Food Delivery Mesh (Tiffin Service)
About tiffin service business: Tiffin service is such a business that once established, only food has to be delivered, almost every city has outsiders and students, only those people have to deliver food, not necessarily only students and outsiders. Only people use tiffin service, there are many people who use tiffin service, good earnings can also be made from this business. can.

Tip: In the beginning, you should promote your tiffin service, go to the hostel and tell about your tiffin service, cook good food, give a little more food than others.

Cost: Starting from 50000/-

19. Vanilla Tea Shop
About Vanilla Tea Business: Vanilla tea is a business that is currently only available in big shops and the price of this tea is higher than that of ordinary tea, while the cost of making it does not make much difference, it is very tasty as compared to ordinary tea. And customers like it very much, if we talk about profits, then in the initial phase of this business, 100 to 500 rupees can be earned daily.

Tip: In the beginning, you should give this tea at the rate of plain tea, due to which your work will get settled in a very short time.

Cost: Starting from 20000/-

20. Selling Girls Tops
About Girls Tops Business: Selling Girls Tops is such a business that there is no need of a shop, you can start it from Phad (place on the sidewalk), it earns a lot and girls like them more nowadays. You can buy them in bulk and sell them in your city, if you talk about profits, then in the initial phase of this business, you can earn 300 to 500 rupees daily.

Tip: You sell at one price and hang a board in it, in this you will not need to bargain much from the customer and bring girls tops looking at today’s fashion.

Cost: Starting from 100000/-

21. Photo Editing Shop
About photo editing business: Photo editing is a business that will grow with the passage of time. can be earned

Earn Money Online from Home Without Investment
1) Virtual Assistant
In recent times, the demand for Virtual Assistant has increased a lot. For virtual assistant, you can use online platforms like Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr, but if you are new in this field then you will have some difficulty in getting work.

You can also do work on YouTube. You will find millions of Youtubers on YouTube who need Virtual Assistant to schedule meetings and for sponsorship.

You will find their email id and Instagram id in the About section of all youtubers. You can approach them for Virtual Assistant by contacting them.

First you charge them 500 rupees for 1 hour usually people charge 1500 rupees. As people start liking your work, you increase your charge a little.

2) Graphics Designer
You can contact blogger for the job of Graphics Designer. Email them and tell them that the quality of the photo you are posting is not that good.

And you will get organic views from the content you have written. But if your photo quality is good then you can also drive social traffic. Initially, you should do two-three things for them for free. Then when they start liking your work, then you take money from them.

You must add your sample while sending the email. Due to which your probability of getting work will increase. It will only take you 15 to 20 minutes to make a photo. For this, any blogger will give you 200-300 rupees. Similarly, you can also contact with many Youtubers.

Whose content is quite good, but Thumbnail is not good. You tell them through email that you can make a very cute thumbnail for them. And in return you charge some money.

3) Caption Creator
In this you have to write something in the photo, which is called caption. For this you can contact blogger and youtubers.

With a little creativity, you can create a great caption. Right now this market is on high demand. With this you will get 500 rupees per photo caption comfortably.

4) Video editing
Do you know that people charge up to Rs 3000 for a five-minute video? You can easily earn 1000 rupees for a video editing from people.

You will find many groups on Facebook for video editing. On which you can join and approach the people and do video editing for them.

5) Blogging
You all must have heard about blogging. You just have to create a blog by choosing a low competition niche on Blogger or WordPress. After that you apply for adsense by writing 20 to 25 posts. Your income will start as soon as you get the approval of Adsense.

6) Sell photo online
You will find many platforms online, with the help of which you can earn by selling photos. Like Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, Alamy, Etsy, Fotomoto, PhotoShelter etc.

There are many tools available to edit photos, you can also use online free editing tools.

7) Affiliate marketing
You can earn money by joining the affiliate program of Amazon or Flipkart. All you have to do is share their affiliate link on your blog or youtube. Then when someone buys something from your affiliate link, you get its commission.

You will get this information in the details of what is Affiliate Marketing.

8) Youtube
To earn from Youtube, first of all you should have 1000 subscribers along with 4000 hours of watch time. Only then will your youtube channel be eligible to monetize. Then you can earn money by applying in Adsense.

9) Quora partner program
You can also earn through Quora. If you do not know English then you can earn money by asking your question in Hindi also.

10) Freelancer
You can earn a lot by becoming a freelancer. You only have to provide your service in this. Then the person in front of you gives some money in exchange for your service. You will find many freelancing websites online. With the help of which you can make income.

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11) Online surveys
The easiest way out of these 7 methods is online surveys. In this, you can earn money by watching advertisements or completing tasks. But you cannot earn more than this.

Tip: Whenever you contact someone by email, keep in mind that you have to write the email neatly and make it in the correct format. You will get the information about how to write neat email. You also have to take care of Grammar mistake in email, you can use Grammarly free tool for Grammar.

At the end:

Hope you have liked the ways I have told you to earn money, and how you can earn money from these, that must have been clear to you.

If you want to earn money, then whatever work you do, you have to start from zero, then you can gradually increase your work and income.

If you have any question or suggestion, then you must tell in the comment.

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