White Kitchen Inspiring Ideas Emitting Warm Atmosphere

hanging planters in a white kitchen White Kitchen Inspiring Ideas Emitting Warm Atmosphere

Some people probably haven’t known yet that actually, white comes in different shades. The undertones can say more than you ever think. And if you are convinced to have that neutral color to your cooking space with shadowy corners, you can get white with warmer undertones to bring a cozy feel and not dingy. In having white kitchen inspiring ideas, you also need to consider about the cabinetry and storage that you use especially if have narrow space. The wooden rack ladder is one of the perfect ideas to your cramped kitchen. It can be placed in a wall between your two windows. Moreover, it is a decorative item there that will adorn the final look of your white kitchen inspiring ideas. This functional wooden piece can be used to place the seasoning jars will automatically ease your job when you need them anytime you cook. We can see clearly that it is placed nearby the modern kitchen stove.

Another way is to hang storage over the kitchen island. By doing so, you certainly optimize the empty space over the island. Well although it looks a little bit untidy it can be a preference rather than you add more cabinets that will make a crowded look to the white kitchen inspiring ideas. I think this idea is better. When you have realized that you have a narrow space, you have to choose a small kitchen island like what is shown in this cooking space. Choose bright and neutral color such as white that will enlarge the look of your cramped space. If you still need more space to store your kitchen utensils and equipment, you can use the space over your upper cabinets. It will not disrupt the kitchen look especially if you manage your equipment neatly.

white kitchen white floor with open shelves White Kitchen Inspiring Ideas Emitting Warm Atmosphere

Naturally, we have to take a page out of a book, POCO Designs. We should consider going neutral color of white on white in our white kitchen inspiring ideas. White walls with white cabinets and a white floor really put the focus where the color counts on the food and on the people. Thus, if you think of ditching hue altogether, you get our permission. Everything looks so clean and neat here with the dining set that brings an elegant and contrast look to this narrow space.


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