White Kitchen Designs Bringing Warm Ambiance

white kitchen with yellow stove White Kitchen Designs Bringing Warm Ambiance

There is no harm for you when you want to put a brighter hue to your white kitchen designs. In this case, the homeowner and designer chose a bright color of yellow for the kitchen stove against white walls and dark cabinets. The color becomes such an unexpected surprise that can bring a smile to any cooking space. The wall is a brick in white which is combined with a kitchen backsplash of marble. Besides the glossy surface, the texture and motif of the marble add the posh look to the spot. We mostly find a kitchen with an island which is made of marble too. But in this case, the homeowner chose an island of wood that looks lighter than marble, of course. It has some drawers under the table top to store some kitchen utensils.

white tile kitchen White Kitchen Designs Bringing Warm Ambiance

Well, can we talk about cabinet for the kitchen just for a second? Just because the walls of your white kitchen designs are mostly in white, it doesn’t mean that your cabinetry must be white too. For you information, choosing a darker shade for kitchen cabinetry such as navy of Brittany will set your cooking space apart from the basic Joe kitchen. Of course, if you really want to bring a darker shade to your cabinetry, you are allowed to choose other colors besides what we have mentioned before. The preference is yours and it depends on the main theme of your kitchen designs. So, are you ready for other white kitchen designs to inspire you? The answer must be yes.

white shiplap in kitchen White Kitchen Designs Bringing Warm Ambiance

Shiplap is a trend at several moments which is so good for the country kitchen designs. Most shiplap is in white thus when you cover the walls of your cooking space in it, you create the clean rustic look instantly without all the differing wood colors. Moreover, Courtney Bishop covers the fronts of the cabinet in shiplap to give more continuity to the cooking space. Marble is used massively for the kitchen backsplash and it also becomes the background of this cooking space. The dark shade of the wood element under the island countertop brings a contrast look to the décor. Those are the three white kitchen designs that will bring a warm ambiance to the space.


Source            :              www.homedit.com