White Kitchen Decorating Ideas Exuding Brighter Look

white rustic kitchen White Kitchen Decorating Ideas Exuding Brighter Look

Talking about the rustic theme, let’s spend a moment to appreciate the raw beams in the white kitchen decorating ideas. Garde Hvalsoe, a Danish Design company uses wood with different shades to exude warmth into this cooking space. They have created a cozy space successfully where everyone wants to spend their lazy Saturday mornings. Basically, this cooking space is quite spacious and it uses open plan concept for the décor. Nearby the front corner window, space is set for the dining area. It consists of a gallant dining table with rectangular top. The seats are a bench with that charming rustic look and some armchairs which are placed at the opposite side. A pendant lamp with cone feature is hung precisely over the table top.

Still talking about the charm of rustic white kitchen decorating ideas, the area behind the dining space is used to install the old-fashioned kitchen stove. It looks so captivating especially with the huge hood and storage to place the woods. Next, to stove, there is a functional kitchen island of wood which has much open storage at its fronts. Probably, you are rare seeing this typical kitchen island. Moreover, the storage which is placed at the front part allows the homeowners to display their dishware collections. The rest of the space behind the island is used to set the long wooden cabinet. A window with a niche is installed in the middle of the wall to bring sufficient daylight to this space. The niche can be used to place some potted plants.

white kitchen wood floor White Kitchen Decorating Ideas Exuding Brighter Look

Wood floors become popular recently in all cooking space include the white kitchen decorating ideas. But by choosing wood for the white kitchen, you use a creative avenue to show texture and depth into an otherwise plain area. Here is a prime example of Jen Langston who has chosen a lighter stain for the wooden floor to keep everything feels fresh. The cabinetry in this cooking space adapts with the space available by having an L-shaped feature that fits with the corner. The island brings the charming rustic look of the raw wooden element. Open storage is available under the table top with a drawer too.


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