Wall Arts Creative Ideas to Decorate Your Home Designs

idyllic Embroidery Hoop Wall Art in Green Wooden Wall Wall Arts Creative Ideas to Decorate Your Home Designs

The surface of the wooden wall in this space has the enchantment of vintage style with the shabby look on its surface. The wall is painted in the bold paint of green which some of the exfoliating surface. If you have the unused hoop in your home or maybe the collections of your grandma, you can use them to prettify the look of the pale wooden wall. You can follow the array like what is shown in the picture. There are three embroidery hoops in different sizes; small, medium and large. The smallest one is mounted at the highest position with the medium at its lower right side. The biggest one is mounted at the lowest position on the surface of the wall.

Fascinating White Blue Silhoutte Wall Art Design Wall Arts Creative Ideas to Decorate Your Home Designs

This room showcases a beautiful décor with the rich colors and patterns in this space. The surface of the wall is embraced by subtle green backdrop with idyllic white floral patterns complete with the green leaves. The window treatment is covered soft fabric curtain in pristine white color. The floor is adorned by stripe pattern in subtle and bold beige. You can see some stunning furniture that completes the display of this space. Two bean bags with floral upholstery are placed at the leftmost of the space. Next to the bean bag, there is a stunning wooden chair which is painted in bright blue. The surface of its seat is covered in colorful stripe upholstery. Nearby the chair, there is a lovely round table which is painted in vivid yellow tone. Wall art design in this space is arranged by endearing silhouette in white and blue that creating a contrast look.

endearing Paper Towel Roll Wall Art in Soft Color Wall Arts Creative Ideas to Decorate Your Home Designs

If you have unused paper towel roll, don’t throw them in your trash bin. First, you have to collect some rolls then cut them in the smaller size. You can cut them about one inch for the width; the diameter just adjusts the size of the paper towel rolls. After that, fold each end of the paper towel tightly. When you have had many petals, and then arrange petals to create beautiful flowers. Arrange the flowers in a good array to beautify the surface of your neutral wall. You can try other DIY projects by finding the materials around you. They must not be expensive but with ingenious ideas, you can conjure the look of your pale wall becomes a stunning feature wall with the addition of wall art design.

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