Virginia Townhouse Design in Subtle Peony Pink

Although it is not an easy matter to pull off subtle hue of peony pink throughout a home décor, but the designer did it to this Virginia townhouse design. Previously, we have a fun house trip here and seen some impressive rooms. Let’s continue it and start from the sunroom. This area has a teen-friendly look like a cozy seating area of an indoor garden. The walls are covered in Meadow wallpaper with a subtle custom pink ground. It has an intricate floral pattern that only permits a bit of its main backdrop. That idyllic wallpaper is by Peter Fasano. There is a side table with neat carving accents on the wood surface and its top is used to place many chic pots with beautiful decorative plants and flowers.

sunroom in townhouse Virginia Townhouse Design in Subtle Peony Pink

The furniture set in this sunroom consists of a sleek marble table in white with a gallant sofa in bold black. They truly create a sweet contrast to the décor. To permit the inhabitants of the Virginia townhouse design, a huge cushion with a blanket is placed on the sofa. This area is illuminated by elegant wall sconce which is mounted nearby the corner wall. Over the sofa, you will find a huge round mirror that reflects the tableware displays against it. In the master bathroom, a bright pink curtain is tied elegantly to give some privacy to the homeowners while they take a bath. The main bathroom is also completed with a lovely powder room.

Virginia Townhouse bath Virginia Townhouse Design in Subtle Peony Pink

Still in the master bathroom in this Virginia townhouse design; the window is covered with blinds to control the daylight to the powder room. To complete the display of this private space, the sink is animated by a translucent small vase with a bunch of pink flowers. Over it, you will see a rectangular wall mirror with stunning silver frame. This private space is illuminated by chic small sconce with double lampshades in pink over the wall mirror. Let’s move to see the main bedroom of the Virginia townhouse design.

Virginia Townhouse master bedroom Virginia Townhouse Design in Subtle Peony Pink

The walls and ceiling in the master bedroom are painted in Bowood wallpaper of Colefax and Fowler. Paolo wall sconce of Thomas O’Brien is topped with a subtle pink shade over the gray headboard. In front of the bed foot, there is an ottoman bench with the tufted accent on its top pad. The floor to ceiling window with shades ensures bright daylight to this master bedroom. Those are some impressive rooms in the Virginia townhouse design include the sunroom, master bathroom, and master bedroom. Hope you like it!


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