Vintage French Style Bathroom Ideas

Vintage French Style Bathroom Vintage French Style Bathroom Ideas

The French style presents both of the vintage and classic style if you use it as your bathroom’s theme. This uncommon style also makes the bathroom look more elegant. As you see the picture above, the mixture of the brown, pastel green and peach colors makes a beautiful combination. For an example, the chair which is placed near the freestanding bathtub has a combination color between peach and pastel green. If you see carefully, the bathroom’s walls which have floral patterns also consist of these three colors. The patterned walls combine perfectly with the other walls that only have a plain green color.

On the green plain walls, you can put an antique big mirror and a green scenery painting which have golden brown frames. A combination between green and golden brown creates a perfect contrast. The beautiful green scenery of nature brings out the naturalness to the bathroom. Meanwhile, you can put a mirror which is framed with pastel green on the floral patterned wall. You can also use peach-colored draperies to cover the window which is located on another floral-patterned wall. You can add some decorations on the vanities such as some flowers in the pot. For the faucets, both the sink and bathtub, you can use stainless steels as the materials which have simple yet modern style. By doing this way, even though the overall finishing is vintage and classic style, you can also give some modern sides to the bathroom because these stainless steel faucets have the silver colors which are very popular in these days.

For the floors, you can use cultured marbles which have a bit dark brown color for its material. When you have a combination of some pastel colors like pastel green and peach as then main colors of your bathroom, this dark brown color will give the contrast that can make the bathroom look livelier. A blend of all these colors also gives you the experience as if you are in the middle of the forest. The cultured marbles also make your floor more luxurious and sophisticated. It also gives more values to your bathroom.


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