Versatile DIY Magazine Rack for Bathroom

bath hanging magz Versatile DIY Magazine Rack for Bathroom

A stunning feature in a bathroom such as this DIY magazine rack will be a good idea to be added there. It is an accessory that brings a stylish touch to the private space. In addition, it is being so practical. So, how would a DIY magazine rack for bath look like? There are numerous options and a lot of them are inspiring DIY projects which offer the freedom and flexibility to customize the rack according to the available space. Thus, the homeowners can order those functional items with the exact measurements and style preferred to their decor.

leather strap magz hanger Versatile DIY Magazine Rack for Bathroom

A sleek and stylish DIY magazine rack system to hang magazines on the wall is featured on Mosterscircus. To stay in that way, each magazine needs a wooden thin strip with two small knobs at its ends. They are hung from a mounted nail on the wall, hook or screw by using a piece of twine or cord, To make the whole system works, you need some knobs, wood, a drill, a saw, scissors, and leather cord.

copper hanging magz Versatile DIY Magazine Rack for Bathroom

Another DIY magazine rack system just appears as simple as the first one if not even easier to use. The article is described on Burkatron. The magazine holders are made of leather and featured here are so easy to make use leather straps. You also need some nails, a hole punch, and a hammer. First, you have to fold a leather strip in two. You have to ensure it can hold a magazine comfortably. Then, cut it to size and punch holes at its ends. The last step is to secure it to the wall by using a hammer and a nail.

Mostly, wall-mounted DIY magazine rack is so practical cause they don’t require any floor space which is commonly so limited in a bathroom. For the reason, there are many systems and easy-to-craft types such as this one on Themerrythought. To make your own DIY magazine rack, for example, you have to prepare some copper tubing, string, something to cut the tubing with, a hot glue gun and a hop. You can give your own magazine rack as many tiers as you desire.


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