Unique Bathroom Using Game Theme

Unique Bathroom with Game Theme Unique Bathroom Using Game Theme

Another unique bathroom that can satisfy your expectation is made by Martyusheva Veronica. She is inspired by one kind of famous games, domino, and make it as the theme of a bathroom. She poured all of her creativity and created a stunning bathroom’s design that many designers rarely think of it.

This room uses some domino patterns as the wall mural. The based color of this pattern is black and the white color is used for the numbers. Furthermore, there are several fixtures that resemble with the shape of a dice which is usually used for certain games. Most of them are placed in a row neatly under the countertop. This allows them to function like an open shelf storage, so you can put your necessities, such as new towels on them. Or, you can also pull out one of them and use it as a seat. Besides that, there is an additional dice that works as a small table placed in the left corner of the room.


As we can see, this room is dominated by the white as the primary color while the black as the secondary. The use of white color helps the room look more spacious. The toilet which is placed in the corner is hidden by the countertop and dice fixtures, so it can’t be seen directly from the outside. Furthermore, Veronica prefers using a sunken tub which is embedded in the floor than a freestanding bathtub. The border between the tub and floor is barely seen. This kind of tub is also effective to give a wider impression for the room. If you wish you can experience a jacuzzi, you can choose a whirlpool design for your tub. Because this tub is installed on the floor, you can also utilize the floor to place some additional objects on it. You may want to put an aromatic candle, so you can feel calm while you are bathing.

Next, this room uses several recessed lighting systems which are planted on the ceiling to enlighten it. Plus, the door which is coated by the mirror can bounce the lights and make this room brighter. You can also utilize the mirror on the door to check your appearance.


Source         :        www.home-designing.com