Unique and Modern Dining Chair Designs

1. Unique and Modern Dining Chair Designs: Eames Style Molded Plastic Eiffel Armchair

modern dining chairs made of plastics Unique and Modern Dining Chair Designs

Eames Style Molded Plastic Eiffel Armchair

The furniture pieces are so comfortable and versatile. These items are one of the few modern dining chairs which are made of plastic and also completed with arms. They are really remaining minimalist in style. The original idea is based on a unique design by a talented designer, Eames. It also includes the recognizable base of Eiffel. The shell of this plastic dining chair is available in various bright colors while the original version offers more muted palettes and you can buy it in dwr.com. In this dining room, the wooden table has a very simple design with some white Eames Style Molded Plastic Eiffel Armchair. This space is placed nearby the kitchen. Charles and Ray Eames has the belief that “design is a method of action.” They updated their work continues as new materials were available. The molded plastic chairs were initially designed in metal. It entered as a prototype in MoMA’s International Competition in 1948 for Low-Cost Furniture Design. Then, the designer changed the material used to fiberglass in 1950. It was not until after his death with the matte finish he wanted to achieve, thanks to advances in materials usage. Then, “The chairs that Charles and Ray were designing,”
Explains grandson Eames Demetrios,”is the chair that is made tomorrow.

2. Unique and Modern Dining Chair Designs: Panton S Style Chair

plastic dining armchairs Unique and Modern Dining Chair Designs

These furniture pieces have the sculptural feature in their own right. The Panton S is an iconic item for design fans who want something a little out of the box. This reproduction is available in blue, apple green, red, orange, white and black. The original version is available in dwr.com with some more color options. This furniture piece has that smooth sculptural feature. This item will be perfect for your Scandinavian dining room décor. You can mix or combine with some chairs in a different design. A white dining table with rectangular top will be fit for six dining chairs. These modern chairs were designed for living by Charles and Ray Eames. The waterfall seat edge and the deep seat pocket keep you comfortable by reducing pressure on the thighs backs. This is the authentic chair by Herman Miller, Inc while Eames is a licensed trademark or Herman Miller.


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