Tranquil Boho Retreat Home by Colleen Bashaw

This time, Colleen Bashaw gets a chance to handle her clients’ project, the Anthropologie founder with his wife. Then, magically, Bashaw conjures a riot of bohemian quirk and also breezy seaside vibes. The boho retreat home was initially a hundred year Tudor home that has been targeted by the couple for years and in 2012, it went on the market. It is located in Bay Head, New Jersey, in a tranquil seaside town that can be reached only for an hour and a half from New York. Bashaw’s projects are mostly so eclectic and the boho retreat home is too. She feels she is so fortunate to work on a wide range of fun decorating assignments. She has accomplished many projects from homes for clients to hotels like Baron’s Cove in Sag Harbor and Congress Hall in Cape May.

girls bedroom in bohemian decor Tranquil Boho Retreat Home by Colleen Bashaw

I have written some reviews in this tranquil boho retreat home. Bashaw added pattern to the bedroom. Not only does wallpaper have its flair to make each room look beautiful and unique, in another hand it also helps to muffle sounds. Bashaw and Bayne chose a lively paper of Christopher Farr Cloth in bright pink and brown. The daughter bedroom is nestled on the third floor. It has low ceilings just like an attic. The lotus leaf print in this private space is in large scale. It makes the space feels airier while the tinier pattern has the look like too “grandma”. Both of those personal rooms are so fabulous but If I could choose I might sleep in the lovely pink powder room if this boho retreat home were my house. Take a look at those petals peonies!

powder room in bohemian decor Tranquil Boho Retreat Home by Colleen Bashaw

It becomes such a fun surprise that we can obviously find in this boho retreat home, isn’t it? The peony wallpaper in the powder room is by Brett Design. The wall mirror is an idyllic that we have found at Anthropologie. To this boho retreat home, we tried not to make it “over-Anthro” because we didn’t to bring an impression of a showroom to the interiors. But it is an exception for the decorative mirror. The piece is a limited edition of an artistic piece from a Texas artist. Thus, we decided to have it and add to the boho retreat home décor especially the powder room display. This piece is hand-sewn with gems and beads of little brass.


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