Tiny Coastal Shed with Breathtaking Ocean Views

Coastal shed kitchen Tiny Coastal Shed with Breathtaking Ocean Views

The clients of this tiny coastal shed wanted to feel a tranquil seashore ambiance! Thus they added portholes for the décor of the culinary space that rarely most people will do. Those portholes become the icon of real thing in the culinary space; they are so authentic and not gimmicky. The designer, Frank Roop together with his clients bought them from a marine supplier and they really open. The glass is engraved to give some privacy to the homeowners because many people walk by here on their way to the beach. In the living room, Roop thought to add rope banister with a nautical touch besides the anchor sconces. Once Roop had newel posts and also railing in place, their contractor said that he knows a local fisherman that can tie it off for him. And he did.

Roop is a serious fan of a stripe pattern. Yes, and he admits it. He also implied the idea for this tiny coastal shed. In his opinion, they feel so relaxed like linen shirt of a man. Roop and his clients upholstered the walls in the downstairs office in three different colors with same linen material. The stripe counter is in large scale and acts the smallness of this downstairs office. Roop did the same with the bathroom tile. Stripe pattern also decorates the living room with the appealing blue rug. Other accommodations that had been made by Roop are by giving the cottage’s size. Furniture and furnishings had to be multifunctional. The dining chairs of bentwood have some flex to them and they let you lean back thus they work well for dining or living room in an equal way. And the living room is one of the most favorite gathering spaces of this family.

downstairs office Tiny Coastal Shed with Breathtaking Ocean Views

The upstairs family room or sitting room in this tiny coastal shed, the clients of this tiny coastal shed wanted to sprawl out to watch the television thus the banquette seems like a bed with gigantic four-foot that they can dive into it pleasantly. The daybed in the same place i.e. in family room is positioned by the window. It was done intentionally to take advantage of the panoramic water views. In another hand, if you sit in it and see the opposite way, it becomes such a perfect spot for an intimate conversation. You can also lie down and read your favorite book in this spot. Those are some inspiring room interior decors in this tranquil tiny coastal shed.


Source :  www.housebeautiful.com