Tantalizing Bathroom Decoration Ideas Filling with Natural Atmosphere

There are various ways to put a natural atmosphere into the bathrooms. The first way that you can do is by utilizing natural materials as the interiors rather than artificial. The natural materials, such as stones, pebbles, and wood. The second way is by painting the overall bathroom with soft and natural colors. You can choose white, black matte or dark brown colors that will be matching with your wooden fixtures. The light green tones that present the nuance of forest are also a great idea. You can relax and experience the tranquility once you step your feet into the bathroom.

black bath with sitting area and two sinks Tantalizing Bathroom Decoration Ideas Filling with Natural Atmosphere

If you are a fan of wood, this bathroom will be an example of the great bathrooms that you can try for your own bathroom. The simple interiors provided make it more charming. On the brown wooden floor, there are a bathtub, a comfy couch, and a countertop completed with double under-mounted sinks. Black matte tints coat these appliances. This bathroom is separated by floor-to-ceiling wooden blinds. Near the bathtub, there is a white container to store the toiletries, so they can be organized neatly and won’t be cluttered on the floor. A carpet is also available. You can take a rest awhile on the couch or carpet while waiting for the water filling the bathtub. A standing lamp is used to brighten up this soaking area.

contemporary green bathroom with white tub Tantalizing Bathroom Decoration Ideas Filling with Natural Atmosphere

This bathroom is so homey and refreshing with the light green tones embellishing the walls. The organizing of this bathroom is quite unique. You can see the bathtub is not standing on the floor. A medium thick wooden board is installed on the wall and the white bathtub is planted into it. This board is not created in a full size and only functionates to hang the tub. Therefore, the under part of the bathtub still can be seen. One of the board edges where it is sticking to the wall has some holes. Inside these holes, green wood materials are placed as the decorations. There is wooden countertop with single sink. The soffit lights emit curve shapes on the wall. Plants make this bathroom even prettier.


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