Special Kitchen Interior Decor to Inspire You

brown kitchen decor

There are lots of other things to consider of when we plan a kitchen interior decor apart from the cabinetry. Before we focus on some little details, just take a moment to determine which materials you would like to use for your kitchen interior decor. A marble backsplash will give an elegant and timeless look;…

Inspiring Kitchen Interior Designs for Makeover

blue tile kitchen

Rob Mills Architects definitely agree that concrete is the new design medium. Basically, their kitchen interior designs are all concrete. Actually, concrete is a warmer gray than you would think. Thus, you can let your kids cook and do their homework and also play soccer in the indestructible cooking space without losing a wink of…

5 Interesting Ideas of Kitchen Floors

Graphic Floors

If you want to have a comfortable and attractive kitchen, you need to consider several things, including the floor. There are various materials that can be used for the floor. Each material definitely has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are 5 interesting ideas of kitchen floors to give you inspiration. Graphic design In this kitchen,…

Beautiful Kitchen Interior Decors to Makeover

basket lighting

Have you known that not all bricks are in rusty red? Yes, there are bricks with the colors of cream, gray and black as well. When you are dealing with that kind of bricks in your cooking space, Dawn Hearn Interior Design shows us how to go for gray in the cooking space without bricks….