Green Kitchen Ideas Bringing Fresh Ambiance

classis green kitchen design

You have already figured it out that marble pairs so good with cooler colors. Green is used by Greg Natale for the cabinets of green kitchen ideas. The combination of marble and green cabinet creates the classic feel to the culinary space. It proves that green can solve many problems. The homeowners really utilize the…

3 Lovely Scandinavian Kitchen Design Ideas

Scandinavian Kitchen with Mint Green Cabinets

As you know, there are many design options that can be applied to the kitchen such as modern, shabby chic, rustic, Italian-style, and etc. Each design will provide a different atmosphere and impression in the kitchen. If you’re looking for a bright and clean impression, the Scandinavian kitchen design is the answer. White is typically…

Several Ideas of Modern Kitchen Design Part 2

Modern Kitchen with Glass Unit

3 modern kitchen ideas have been reviewed in the previous article. The ideas include modern kitchen in white and gray, modern kitchen with island, and modern kitchen with large island. Each idea has an interesting looks and enjoyable feel. To give you more inspiration, here are other 3 ideas that you can apply. A modern…

Several Ideas of Modern Kitchen Design Part 1

Modern Kitchen in White and Gray

In the globalization era, it’s all about look, especially in designs. When building something, the first thing to consider is the design. Everyone has their own taste in design including the kitchen’s design. When choosing the design, there are some things to be considered such as the size of the kitchen. To give you inspirations,…

Several Inspirations of Asian Kitchen Part 3

Appealing Asian Kitchen in Brown and Green

In the first and second article, six design ideas of the Asian kitchen have been reviewed. If you need more inspirations of this design, here are the last three ideas of the Asian kitchen design that you can apply. You can create an ergonomic Asian kitchen by using brown and beige as its color combination….