Bright Orange Kitchen Ideas with Welcoming Feel

family friendly orange kitchen

The backsplash is not the only piece to be added to your orange kitchen ideas. Orange cabinetry like these that we can find in this inspiring Mark English Architects kitchen decor will be a great way to show off your favorite shade in the cooking space that you inhabit for many hours in a day….

Bygone Design Ideas for Kitchens

Interesting White Kitchen

In this modern era, there is no harm to apply a bygone kitchen design. This kind of design offers a unique charm. For giving you some inspiration, here are a few the bygone kitchen design ideas. Creating a shabby chic kitchen in sage green is the first bygone kitchen design idea. Get an attractive look…

3 Ideas to Apply Reclaimed Wood in the Kitchen

A Modern Kitchen in White, Gray, and Reclaimed Wood

There are many kitchens that use wood as its material. You can use wood for several kitchen elements such as floors, cabinets, countertops, and so on. It never hurts to try applying a reclaimed wood kitchen. Reclaimed wood is able to create a unique and traditional impression in the kitchen. Check some inspiration of reclaimed…

Kitchen Island Ideas worth Trying Part 2

Gray Family Friendly Island

In the previous article, 4 kitchen island ideas have been reviewed. These kitchen island ideas are green island, vintage white island, architect island, and a combination of butcher block and marble countertop. Each island idea offers a different look in your kitchen. For giving you more inspiration, here are the other kitchen island ideas worth…

Kitchen Island Ideas worth Trying Part 1

Architect Kitchen Island

The installation of an island will improve a kitchen’s function. An island offers extra storage space as well as extra counter space. Besides in a large kitchen, an island can also be applied in a small kitchen. But, make sure to choose the right island for your small kitchen. You should also consider the island’s…