Enticing Artistic Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Artistic Bathroom Decorating Ideas

This bathroom has mosaic patterns for its decorations. Not only the wall but also the floor is also decorated with these patterns. As you can see, the tendril drawing of the mosaic patterns embellishes the bathroom’s floor. This drawing also is in the shower room, precisely on the built-in seat. These mosaic patterns present an…

Elegant Classical Bathroom with Golden Decorative Wall

Elegant Bathroom with Golden Decorative Wall

A bathroom with a classic atmosphere yet able to present an elegant aura is always desired by many people. They want to utilize their leisure time which is precious to enjoy this kind of experience and rejuvenate their energy after undergoing a hectic life. Therefore, the design of the bathroom in the picture above would…

Elegant and Classic Bathroom with Metal Decorations

Classic Bathroom with Metal Decorations

Having a small space of the bathroom doesn’t mean that you can’t put all of your ideas and creativities to make it luxurious. One of many ways that you can take into consideration is by using metals as your material fixtures. Metals can make a change to the atmosphere of the bathroom. These materials have…

Fascinating Classic Bathroom Ideas

Great Classic Bathroom Ideas

A combination color of white and black color can be a perfect idea to bring out the elegance of the bathroom. In this picture, you can see that there is a freestanding oval white bathtub on the black wooden floor. Near the bathtub, you can place the towels on the towel rack which is decorated…

Luxurious Classic Bathroom with Herring Pattern

Classic Bathroom with Herring Pattern

A herring fish is one of the animals, which becomes an inspiration for home interior designers. Nowadays, the herringbone pattern is commonly used for the interior decorations. This pattern is also very popular for many people who wish to renovate their bathrooms. This pattern is not only used for the wall but also the floor….