Stylish Sliding Door Shower for Your Bathroom Decor

Nowadays, sliding door shower becomes the preference of most homeowners. This functional item saves the space in your bathroom and also offers you with the chic and stylish look. Of course, this style will be perfect for a modern residence. This article will show you an endearing sliding door shower design that may be a reference for your bathroom décor.

Frameless sliding glass door Stylish Sliding Door Shower for Your Bathroom Decor

This one is a stunning shower which fits with any contemporary bathroom decors. This private space uses frameless sliding door shower which is made of glass. The translucent element gives the sense of beauty and fragility at the same time. The corner placement of this small shower room seems to be ignored but looks efficient especially in saving up space in your bathroom. The wall of the small shower room is in shabby bold beige that looks harmonious with the pristine color of another wall backdrop.

Sliding Glass Shower Door With Aluminum Frames Stylish Sliding Door Shower for Your Bathroom Decor

Inside the tiny shower room, there is an open-built in a niche which is used to store the toiletries needed when the homeowners take a bath. The shower has a simplicity look of modern style in a square shape. The towel holder is mounted beyond the wall of this small sliding door shower room. When we see the placement of this tiny shower room, it seems like space is added to a spacious room. Thus, we don’t feel like this area is a bathroom or a shower room.

In front of the sliding door shower, there is a rug added to avoid any slippery. Beyond this small shower room, there is a wooden cabinet with a translucent vase on its table top. A painting with white frame is mounted over this cabinet that adds an artistic value to this spacious bathroom. At the corner spot, there is huge palm tree on a brown pottery. This corner area seems like a niche and space is created by the window and the wall of the small shower room.

Great Bathroom Shower With Frameless Sliding Glass Door Stylish Sliding Door Shower for Your Bathroom Decor

The extended window with its translucent glass permits the homeowners to enjoy the captivating sceneries outside. The blinds offer some privacy and also help the owners to control the daylight that permeates this private space. All in all, I do really the combination of pristine white color on the wall backdrop and also dark shade on the wooden floor. This sliding door shower room offers you a ultimate bathing experience with its clean and bright look.


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