3 Stylish Kitchen Design Ideas

Designing a kitchen is not an easy job, especially if you don’t have enough skill or experience. Therefore, if you are not sure whether you’ll be able to do the designing job properly or not, you better hire a professional. However, you’ll get some inspiration of stylish kitchen design by reading some home improvement magazines or searching on the internet. Here are a few ideas of stylish kitchen design you should definitely try.

Stylish Kitchen with Simple Design 3 Stylish Kitchen Design Ideas

A simple kitchen is the first stylish kitchen design idea. In this simple kitchen, there is only a kitchen set without an island counter or bar stools. Despite having a simple design, it looks stylish with the use of kitchen cabinets in gray. To add textures to the room and create an open feel, the upper cabinets use transparent doors. The use of brown flooring with a wood motif creates an appealing look. To create a warm impression, combine gray and brown. For illuminating the kitchen, install some under the cabinet lighting, inside the cabinet lighting, as well as some ceiling lighting.

Stylish Kitchen in Black and White 3 Stylish Kitchen Design Ideas

The next stylish kitchen design idea is a black and white kitchen. The installation of high white ceiling makes the kitchen look spacious. A glossy grayish laminate is used as the material of the flooring. 2 giant cupboards that are covered in dark gray are placed in the left and right side of the kitchen set. The island has a black and white color; the black one is higher than the white one. Some white bar stools are placed in the island area. 2 square-shaped pendants are hung right above the island are. Besides that, the kitchen also has beige-colored closed and open shelving on one side of the room. The closed and open shelving is used to store glassware.

Modern Kitchen 3 Stylish Kitchen Design Ideas

A modern kitchen using wood and stainless steel materials is the last stylish kitchen design idea. Wood is used for the dining table set, flooring, and wall, while the stainless steel is applied to the refrigerator, faucet, range, and hood. There is also a white island in the kitchen. Some small potted flowers are put on the countertops as the decoration. The overall look of the kitchen looks complete by the use of white cabinets and a white round pendant.


Source: www.housebeautiful.com