Stunning Design Ideas of Small Kitchens

Having a small kitchen can sometimes be challenging. It is quite difficult to design and organize a small kitchen. However, you don’t need to worry because there are many small kitchen design ideas that can be applied. To give you some inspiration, here are some small kitchen design ideas worth trying.

Glossy green kitchen

Glossy Green Kitchen Stunning Design Ideas of Small Kitchens

The first small kitchen design idea is to use bright colors. As you can see in the kitchen above, glossy green is used for the cabinetry. It may be small but it looks charming and interesting. It has a window where a roller shade with the same color as the cabinetry is installed. The window function replaces the exhaust unit. In addition to the cabinetry and roller shade, the refrigerator is also in glossy green. To complement the kitchen’s look, it uses a sink and a cooktop made of stainless steel. For the decoration, there are two small containers full of spatulas placed on the cabinets in front of the window as well as a number of cookbooks and a potted plant.

Bold black

Small Black Kitchen Stunning Design Ideas of Small Kitchens

Using black for the kitchen cabinets is the next small kitchen design idea. Black offers a bold and dashing look and avoids a boring impression. To make the cabinets look stand out, use white as the wall color. The installation of a glass backsplash makes the kitchen look larger. Just like the previous idea, a window replaces the function of an exhaust unit. The window uses a black and white roller shade with an abstract pattern. A decorative jar and a framed artwork are placed on the windowsill as a decoration. In addition, several cookbooks are placed in the open shelving that is built into the upper cabinet.

Hidden kitchen

Hidden Kitchen Stunning Design Ideas of Small Kitchens

The last idea of the small kitchen design is placing it in the entry hall of an apartment. It uses folding doors to camouflage it from the living room. The function of the folding doors is to hide the kitchen when it is not in use. When the kitchen is not used for cooking, you can open the doors. To cover the folding doors of this kitchen, blue wallpaper with floral pattern is installed so that it enhances the look of the kitchen.