Stunning Small Bedroom Decors to Oversize Your Home Interiors

A bedroom with small space often becomes a problem especially for those who live in a big city. You need to take some of your time to read, analyze and learn each design we present for you. We hope that these designs can help you to maximize the space you have with the stunning final result.

small bedroom Stunning Small Bedroom Decors to Oversize Your Home Interiors

The first idea is an attic room. The bed is inserted in the sloping ceiling. The width of the bed is fitted with the size of the corner space with the inserted open storage under the ceiling. Huge windows are installed on the sloping ceiling. They windows also have functioned as a skylight. They truly ensure the supply of daylight and fresh air to this personal room. Moreover, the translucent glasses of the windows allow the homeowner to enjoy the scenic views outside.

The bed truly utilizes only a cramped space in the corner. The homeowner optimizes each space available including inserted the open shelves beneath the windows. Those storages are used to display the book collections of the owner. This kind of placement, in addition, also eases the homeowner to take his favorite books to read under the exposure of the daylight. Lovely brown wallpaper with idyllic and intricate floral pattern enlivens the look of this neutral white bedroom.

modest white small attic bedroom Stunning Small Bedroom Decors to Oversize Your Home Interiors

I guess that our second idea is a cramped bedroom in an apartment. Each furnishing in this space is truly intentionally designed to fit into the space available. The size of the bed is also small and it is placed nearby the sloping ceiling. Over the bed, there is some open storage that can be used to accommodate more items. The workspace is nestled in front of the glass window. It consists of a thin and flat desk with a tall armless stool. The stool is covered by white upholstery. A cabinet with many drawers is inserted beneath the desk top to store many items. The corner area of the desk is used to place some pencil containers. To animate the whole look of this neutral space, a carpet with the colorful floral pattern is used to cover the surface of the floor.


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