Stunning Retro Home Design with Quite Modern Look

Will you believe it? McAlpine and Elizabeth Kennedy architect Ray Booth has conjured this ‘60s dwelling to be a stunning retro home design with a quite modern look. Previously, we have had a fun house trip in this home. We have seen the home façade with its shabby white brick wall, front door gate of steel and also custom lantern with classic look. Just to recall the preview to you, next, we see the foyer with its antique bench, custom screen, Chippendale-style chair and steel staircase. The neutral living room has a custom cocktail table of McAlpine, a sofa, and some club chairs by Joseph Company. In dining room, the focal points are the mural and some furniture by Bradley and McAlpine for Lee Industries with curtains in Holly Hunt.

retro cooking space Stunning Retro Home Design with Quite Modern Look

So, let’s continue the house trip of this retro home design and we will start it from this sleek and clean cooking space. Architect Ray Booth has added around 50 sqft to this cooking space to accommodate everything needed. The Eagle windows with new look like steel but actually, they are made of aluminum. Booth intentionally chose marble of honed Carrara for the counters to create a perfect fit for the palette in beige and gray. Still in the cooking space, there is an Adelman fixture which is hung from the new skylight above a prep kitchen island clad in oak. The island gets brushed-and-bleached effect. The wall wooden cabinets in this cooking space are made of oak with Whitechapel hardware.

retro kitchen storage Stunning Retro Home Design with Quite Modern Look

The cooking space of this retro home design is completed with kitchen storage. They have doors slide open with room-height panel to reveal the china cabinets and espresso station. As we can see in the picture above, we can see three leveled storage to accommodate tableware, tray, container, cups, glasses, bowls, plates and espresso at the lowest level.


Do you want to see the master bedroom? Yes and so do I. This personal room truly celebrates softness with a stunning upholstered headboard. It is from Joseph Company with bedding which is made from fabrics of Rogers & Goffigon. Two skirted chairs which are placed against the window are by McAlpine for Lee Industries. They sit precisely beside a custom mirror with steel frame. The decorative item is by R Squared with hand silver.

retro master bedroom Stunning Retro Home Design with Quite Modern Look


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