Stunning Modern Bedside Table Designs for Your Bedroom

There are numerous modern bedside table designs that you can choose to complete the decor of your personal room. These wall-mounted nightstands are one of the superb examples to inspire you. Those items are great because they can create an airy and spacious feel to the personal room. In addition, they will ease you in cleaning your private space. This room has two modern bedside tables with different designs. One seems made of steel wire in white tone. This area is illuminated by two stunning floor lamps which stand in an elegant manner. This area is fulfilled with some indoor decorative plants that bring the nature feel to space. Another piece is made of wood with very simple design. This wooden item is just supported by a single leg.

wooden bedside table with modest look Stunning Modern Bedside Table Designs for Your Bedroom

A nightstand or you may call it also as bedside table can be both practical and interesting if the item offers you some sort of functional storage. Thus, completing your personal room with modern bedside table designs is a must especially if you choose those which have storage. These wooden bedside tables are completed with two drawers for each item. They come in a very simple design with four legs to support the cube feature of the nightstand’s body. Place a bench at the bed foot if you want. This item will certainly add both function and decor to your own personal room. Some indoor plants also can be added if you want to bring the natural feel.

wood bedside tables Stunning Modern Bedside Table Designs for Your Bedroom

You can match your modern bedside table designs with the dresser although the idea is not exactly a modern trend for some cases, it works out great. You can choose the common symmetrical display with a bed frame in the middle and two nightstands at each side. You can place some decorative frames over one of the nightstands like what is shown below. The dresser can be placed on one side of your walls complete with a wall mirror. Don’t forget to add some lighting fixture to highlight some spots in your own personal room. Here, the homeowner chooses mounted lamp and table lamp for the decor.

minimalist nightstands Stunning Modern Bedside Table Designs for Your Bedroom


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