Stunning Home Interior Design with Black Ceiling and Floor

dining room with black floor Stunning Home Interior Design with Black Ceiling and Floor

Create a new ambiance to your home interior design by coloring your ceiling and floor in black. In this case, you can start it by incorporating more than one black element for the décor. Let’s see our first inspiring idea today. Space comes in a modest and minimalist way with some decorative ornaments on the wall. Those items are arranged neatly to fill the pale look of the neutral white wall. The furniture set in this space consists of a sleek table with rectangular top and glossy surface. To complete the display some stylish armless chairs are added. The seating set looks more elegant with the black upholstery. A pendant lamp which is hung precisely over the white table adds a chic touch to this modern and minimalist space. Don’t forget to add a decorative plant in a vase to bring green touch in the space. Window installation always becomes a crucial thing to do in any home interior design. In this room, the window treatment ensures the daylight supply in a natural way. If you need some privacy, just pull the elegant curtains to avoid the unwanted eyes.

kitchen with black floor Stunning Home Interior Design with Black Ceiling and Floor

What if implying black ceiling and floor for your kitchen? The answer will be absolute, why not? As everyone knows that kitchen is one of crucial space in a home interior design. The kitchen below is quite spacious with a U-shaped layout that leaves the center of the space for movement. The empty walls are utilized to mount the upper cabinetry, while the space between the lower cabinet and the upper cabinetry is used for the backsplash and to place some bottles, bowls and kitchen utensils. The leftmost wall is the space for the kitchen stove and hood. The end wall is used to install the window that merges with the upper cabinet. Talking back about the black background, the area rug is also in black thus the floral patterns truly stand out beautifully. In addition, they adorn the display of this white kitchen interior design.

living room with black floor Stunning Home Interior Design with Black Ceiling and Floor

Do you still need another idea? Let’s see this elegant living room interior design that features black, white and gray in an elegant manner. If a black ceiling is a bit unusual, a black floor becomes something more common. It is a quite familiar and popular feature, especially in contemporary and modern interior design. It also brings a more classical approach since the color is usually completed by the white ceiling. You can use rug area in white on a black floor to emphasize the contrast look or you can leave the floor to be exposed to emit its beauty. So, which one do you prefer? Up on the ceiling or down on the floor? It’s your preference.


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