Stunning Hamptons Summer Cottage with Eclectic Style

Hamptons Cottage library Stunning Hamptons Summer Cottage with Eclectic Style

We’re going to start our house trip today in Hamptons summer cottage from its library room. Previously, we have seen some interiors here from the entryway to the dining room. The library room looks so bold with wall backdrops in Purple Lotus in high gloss while the ceiling is in Silver of Metallic Glaze; both of those captivating colors are from Benjamin Moore. An abstract painting over the sofa comes with an uncommon feature. We often see a painting in square or rectangular feature, but it is in a perfectly round shape. The sofa also goes so bold in dark brown velvet upholstery in Palimuro by Etro. The armchairs are covered in Meloire Reverse of Alan Campbell fromJohn Salibello. There is still a couple of stunning i.e. cross legs charcoal bench ottoman with animal pattern upholstery.

Symmetrical display is created in a balanced way with the round painting as the axis. The brown velvet sofa is nestled precisely beneath it with two side tables. Over the tabletops, table lamps are added to illuminate this space in an elegant manner. The floor is covered with large carpet in a subtle hue of light brown. Can you imagine such a tranquil space to read your favorite book? This is it the cozy library room in this Hamptons summer cottage that will satisfy you in spending your reading time. Let’s see the bedroom of this Hamptons summer cottage, it is nestled in an upstairs. Two fabric patterns look lovely in this private space. They are from Designers Guild; the pattern calls on a similar palette and tone but in different scales. The geometric fabric coats the benches in a stylish way while the tulip print of Mei P’ing covers the Roman shade and twin beds gracefully.

Hamptons Cottage sunroom 1 Stunning Hamptons Summer Cottage with Eclectic Style

The same strategy also works in the sunroom in this Hamptons summer cottage. The sofa, pillows and some chair upholsteries are all in coordinating prints of Pierre Frey. And the decorating way makes the sunroom more stunning as well as the bedroom. The sofa comes with bigger scale compare to the cushions and armchairs. The coffee table consists of three small tables with open storage under the tabletops. The window is covered with shades of natural material. To fill the corner space, a small side table is placed there together with a table lamp and vase. The floor in the sunroom looks so captivating with the large-scale patterns of the tile’s surface. Those are some endearing inspirations from the Hamptons summer cottage include the library room, bedroom and also sunroom.


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