Stunning Dining Room Inspirations

Bringing the glamor touch in a dining room sometimes is important to create the stunning dining room design. There are many choices of interior design you can choose when you are deciding to redesign your dining room. Having a big room space sometimes leads you into a difficult choice. Find an expert of an interior designer or looking for the idea from magazine or internet about the stunning dining room inspirations. You can include the traditional and modern touch at once or add the glamor accent naturally. It depends on you. I’ll give you three ideas of stunning dining room inspirations which may help you to decide.

Traditional Design with Modern Touch

Stunning Dining Room Design with Traditional Design Stunning Dining Room Inspirations

Have you ever heard about traditional Javanese home design? Well, this design is originally from Java, Indonesia which dominated by the wooden elements. The traditional touch seems from the open wooden beam and structures inside the room. With the luxury ethnic carved ornaments, it looks awesomely stunning and glamorous. The modern accent is made by the wallpapered wall, fans, and chandeliers. This stunning dining room design puts the natural element to give the fresh air and color by some green plants.

Wooden Elements

Stunning Dining Room with Wooden Elements Stunning Dining Room Inspirations

The wooden elements are the best elements to be included in cold place since the wooden can give a warm atmosphere. The wooden elements can be seen from the parquet, ceiling, open beam, door, and dining table. A more stunning dining room is made by the smooth furry animal rug under the dining table set which also brings the warmer atmosphere in it. Adding some fresh plants on the table makes this stunning dining room fresh. The enough light also presents the super sun light into a dining room.

Red Chairs


Stunning Dining Room Design with Wooden Wall Stunning Dining Room Inspirations

The statement can be certainly looked from red chairs and wooden element. This stunning dining room uses the wooden wall and window to create the glamor and warm accent naturally. The formal appearance is clearly seen from the dining table shape with many formal chairs around. To balance the wooden color, some green plants are placed on the corners of this dining room. The crystal chandelier adds the glamor accent to this room.


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