Stunning Custom Built Fireplace Decor to Your Home Design

To bring modern look with refreshing atmosphere, go for custom built fireplace décor which is embraced by heat resistant tiles. A recessed fireplace with ceramics looks great and is quite easy to be added to the place. You have several of finishes and colors to choose from like other tile sorts. The custom built fireplace décor is ideal especially for a modern living room with contemporary furnished items.

modern tiling fireplace Stunning Custom Built Fireplace Decor to Your Home Design

The first idea of custom built fireplace décor comes with modern tiling. It has an asymmetrical feature with the sleek and minimalist look. You will not find many decorative ornaments in this modern living room. There is only an animal statue on the fireplace mantel and also an artistic landscape painting. A sofa with vibrant red upholstery is coupled with two armless chairs in white. The twin seating set has a tufted accent on the backrest and base. And all the sofa and chairs in this modern living room is completed with chic cushions in red. A thin coffee table with long rectangular table top completes the final display of this gathering room. The glass windows permit the natural daylight to irradiate the space in a modest way.

stunning and bold fireplace tiling Stunning Custom Built Fireplace Decor to Your Home Design

The second idea is a lengthy space that utilizes open living concept i.e. a concept that eliminates the use of wall or partition to the home design. The corner spot is the space for the kitchen with a dining set. The fireplace looks so stylish and modest with the glossy tiling in blue. The color of the tile looks so contrast with the dominant white color in this open living space. An extended cabinet with some storage is installed at the opposite wall of the custom built fireplace. You can read your favorite books by sitting on the floor with captivating blue carpet.

If you look for a custom built fireplace décor for your living room with a bold statement, then, it will be worth to get an architect or professional designer involved for the project. You can add fireplaces and also wood burners to the living room. Those elements will certainly not disrupt the rectangular shapes or traditional square of the custom built fireplace décor. To satisfy the coziness desire, under or central floor heating can be chosen to create a good contemporary twist on your traditional fireplace.


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