Stunning Contemporary Mountain Home in Modernist Architecture

california house design project Stunning Contemporary Mountain Home in Modernist Architecture

A good collaboration of Pleysier Perkins with Inform allows the construction and development of the contemporary mountain home to be accomplished. The dwelling is nestled in Melbourne suburb, Brighton, Australia. The architects describe the contemporary mountain home as inspiring modernist architecture with the emphasis of outdoor areas, extensive glazing, and roof planes in deep horizontal that fitted perfectly with Australian lifestyle and climate. The exterior decors were finished in white fascias and stained western red cedar cladding, thus the structure stands out dashingly around its environment.

The layout of the contemporary mountain home was envisioned to conciliate the owners’ living needs especially in maintaining their relationship with the neighborhood surrounding them. The plans optimize the corner venue with all living space oriented facing the gardens toward north. The upstairs covers a master domain and three bedrooms which are separated by staircase. A minimalist accent with modern approach focuses on texture variety which defines the interior designs.

White dominates the backdrop for both interior and exterior of the contemporary mountain home with splash of subtle beige, black and gray on wall, floor and furnishings. This house implies open living plan with beige wall as partition that defines the dining area, living space and culinary are with two open entries. The living space has two round coffee tables in light bluish and brownish hues. A round pouf with beautiful pattern completes the coffee table display. A long gray sofa with simple cushions is also added to the gathering space. An artistic poster fills and decorates the empty wall behind it. A built-in fireplace is inserted on the wall partition.

Dining room and kitchen are nestled next to the living space. They are in minimalist and contemporary design. Glossy countertop of the wooden kitchen island is made of white marble. It looks so dashing with the simple lines and design. The aisles in this contemporary mountain home show different functional piece; the left part is fulfilled by versatile cabinet and shelving while another side is added by extended windows to permit the inhabitants in enjoying the scenic mountainous views outside. Do you get some inspiring ideas after reading this article? We hope so.


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