Special Kitchen Interior Decor to Inspire You

brown kitchen decor Special Kitchen Interior Decor to Inspire You

There are lots of other things to consider of when we plan a kitchen interior decor apart from the cabinetry. Before we focus on some little details, just take a moment to determine which materials you would like to use for your kitchen interior decor. A marble backsplash will give an elegant and timeless look; you can match the material with counters. Well, you can also complement it with a countertop bar of wood. Glass is also a good option for the shelving and cabinetry if you want to make the impression of openness and space to the kitchen.

l shaped layout Special Kitchen Interior Decor to Inspire You

Take a look this inspiring kitchen interior decor, it is the Motra collection that combines some iconic items such as glass front cabinets, solid wood surfaces, and marble counters. The collection is by Christopher Peacock that brings homes with the design that cannot distance them from the ideology of the traditional design with a clean and a bit modern look. The bar extends usually only one side of the kitchen island. But here, the homeowners use L-shape layout for the bar stools. You may also try this kind of arrangement to bring a new feel to your cooking space.

built in storage Special Kitchen Interior Decor to Inspire You

In this cooking space, the cabinet door inserts which is covered by glass allow a peak inside that putting the contents inside the cabinet on a good display. Here, the homeowners use colors and finishes which are combined in a simple but elegant manner. The empty space above the kitchen island is used to install the ceiling-mounted shelves. They are practical and useful items that should be added in any kitchen interior decor, especially small ones. Add some bottles or glasses on the floating rack and you can also use it as a bar in your cooking space.

The use of marble for the kitchen interior decor has added a refined and luxurious look. To enhance the lavish atmosphere to the cooking space, just add the little details that have a big impact on the overall design. A golden shade will be perfect for the opulent touch. Just place some decorative ornaments such as a tray, a teapot, some cups and a thermos. But remember, don’t overlook them.


Source : www.homedit.com