Southern Cottage Interiors by Shon Parker

southern cottage exterior Southern Cottage Interiors by Shon Parker

Hello, nice to meet you again. Thru this, hopefully, an inspiring article, we will continue our house trip, here, in stunning southern cottage interiors of a cozy Atlanta home. From the façade, we will automatically feel the storybook of a 1915 look with its old-fashioned look. This cottage is surrounded by lush greenery that will make anyone want to stay there for years with its bold natural feel. The veranda is embraced by black trellis with idyllic feature. Gray doors with glass become the main access to enter this storybook cottage. Talking about the southern cottage interiors, even the fabrics which are used in this home are cat-friendly, yes, it’s really, and you can trust me.

living room with wagon wheel chandelier Southern Cottage Interiors by Shon Parker

Talking about the southern cottage interiors, we will skip the entryway because we have discussed it before in the previous article. We will continue the house tour to the living room interior décor after its get some renovations. With the high ceiling and wooden beams, this space was initially begging the designer to dial up the drama. Parker has lightened the color of the paint and also waxed and darkened the ceiling beams for the living room interior new look. The custom sofa which is placed under the wall sconce is upholstered in Duralee velvet. In the hub of this gathering space, a tusk table with an oval top is covered in Larsen velvet same with the ottoman. Both of those stunning items are from Baker.

The corner area is the space for an elegant wooden side table which is accompanied by a floor lamp. There are so many seats in this living room include some armchairs and a daybed. Many side tables are also added to complete the function of the seats. Some types of orchids and flowers truly add beauty to this white living room décor. To sign this area, a large carpet with shabby look is used to cover the floor surface. On the ceiling, there is a rustic wagon wheel chandelier that will illuminate this gathering space in a graceful way.

indoor fireplace lounge Southern Cottage Interiors by Shon Parker

Another indoor lounge besides the living room in the southern cottage interiors is the fireplace lounge. This cozy lounge has Custom club red chairs that flank the fireplace in the middle. Those seating set are in Cowtan & Tout velvet with an idyllic side table that completes the display. Because the homeowner is a book lover, the wall is used as open storage to display the book collections. Those are some spaces of the southern cottage interiors, hope you get inspired.


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