Some Great Ideas to Decorate Natural and Sophisticated Bathrooms

natural bathroom with cove lights and wooden fixtures Some Great Ideas to Decorate Natural and Sophisticated Bathrooms

This bathroom looks so natural because of the arrangements of each component. The feature wall made of unpolished granite whereby its height is floor-to-ceiling is standing elegantly next to the white drop-in bathtub. The casing of this bathtub is also made of the same material with the feature wall. Plus, there are two built-in racks on the both sides of the bathtub. The feature wall and the racks are embellished with cove lighting systems.

Furthermore, two wooden benches painted with dark brown colors which have different heights are placed in front of the tub. The layout adjustment of these benches makes them look like stairs. The granite countertop is also mounted on the wall. There is a big mirror above this countertop while the below part is provided with the floating storage. Placing a green plant inside a long stand vase makes the bathroom fresher.

sophisticated bathroom embellished with furnace and chandelier Some Great Ideas to Decorate Natural and Sophisticated Bathrooms

This bathroom presented looks luxurious, clear, and warm at the same time. The combination of clear cool white and warm yellow radiance is matching to each other. The atmosphere brought out as if it were so freezing; yet, because of the fire radiance of the furnace, the nuance becomes warmer and softer.

The bathtub and vanity areas are set separately. These two areas are bordered by the frosted glass doors which are designed by white-painted flower and foliage motives. In the bathing area, the walls, as well as the casing of the bathtub, use the artificial wood that has the natural brown tones. This bathroom is equipped with an electric furnace, so you can stay warm. The skylight built into the ceiling lets you enjoy the beautiful view of the sky while you are spending your precious time cleaning your body in the bathtub. This area is brightened up by the cove lights hidden on the ceiling.

In the outside of the bathing room, there is a white vanity mounted on the wall completed with a sink and transparent storage. There is tantalizing chandelier mounted on the ceiling which is emitting the white radiance. There are two elegant chairs with grayish fluffy cushions placed on them.


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