Some Great Decorating Ideas to Equip Your Bathroom with Wooden Fixtures

classical bathroom embellished with wooden interiors and tilted ceiling Some Great Decorating Ideas to Equip Your Bathroom with Wooden Fixtures

Go classic with a clawfoot tub with its feet made of brass. The wood embellishes almost all of the interiors of this bathroom, such as the floor, tilted ceilings, mini table, and also the chair. Some windows provided here let the natural light from the outside fill and warm this bathroom. The flimsy draperies are also installed to avoid your eyes hurt because the light is too bright. The upper parts of the windows are also garnished with a decorative curtain. A pendant light that looks like a thorny landmine is hanging down from the ceiling. A delicate fluffy carpet and brown decorative carpet cover the wooden floor and make it even more beautiful.

Not only the clawfoot tub but this bathroom is also equipped with a transparent shower box. The clear and transparent partitions of this shower box help this small bathroom not to become narrower. Plus, you can also choose whether you want to use a steam shower which is installed permanently on the wall or a flexible shower douche.

spanish bathroom with classical theme Some Great Decorating Ideas to Equip Your Bathroom with Wooden Fixtures

Having a spacious bathroom is surely nice because we can go with our creativities more freely. Like this Spanish bathroom, that applies a classic theme. It is so big and elegant. A built-in tub made of the white marble are located sticking to the wall where some arched wood-framed windows are built. On the right and left sides of these windows, there are wooden open racks and some drawers are available below them. You can add some ornaments on the open racks whilst your private stuff is stored inside the drawers.

Furthermore, a big and comfy sofa with some pillows can be used after you take a bath to relax for a while. A vanity is also placed together with a wooden mirror installed on the wall above the vanity. A rug painted with the blue jean color are set on the grayish floor. Besides the natural lighting system provided, a decorative pendant light brightens up this area. The unique table lamps are also placed on the mini wooden table which its countertop is white. Able to create a bathroom like this in your house is such a blessing.


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