Small-scale Coastal Cottage Offering You Panoramic Ocean Views

For this small-scale coastal cottage, Frank Roop added a tricky combination in eccentric and stylish way. Let’s ask him more where does he look for inspiration? He has always been drawn to the work of Frédéric Méchiche, the Parisian decorator. Now, he has the flair and ability. It is so unpredictable way for him to mix things and he aims to achieve the kind of looseness. His own rooms always have the look like a so much fun party which just ended with the chairs were intentionally left scattered here and there by his guests. And he really loves that.

Roop also did other accommodations to this small-scale coastal cottage to give the size. Furniture must be multifunctional. The flex of the bentwood dining chairs to allow you lean back thus they will work equally well for a living or in the dining room. In the upstairs family room, his clients wanted to lie around when they watch television, thus the banquette which is similar to a bed with a giant four foot deep becomes such a cozy place where they can dive into. Still, at the same place i.e. family room, the daybed is intentionally positioned by the window to see the incredible water views. What a warm and casual family room.

Coastal small scale Cottage family room Small scale Coastal Cottage Offering You Panoramic Ocean Views

In the family room of this small-scale coastal cottage, in an opposite way with the banquette, you can enjoy a perfect intimate conversation with your lovely. You can also lie down there in a simple way to read your favorite book. Roop is also a serious stripe fan. They feel so relaxed and like a stylish man in linen shirt. They upholstered the downstairs office wall in three different colors with the same linen material. Besides the stripe pattern, the downstairs office also has another focal point i.e. a sleek desk with a glossy surface in bright blue. Stripe counter in large scale acts the smallness of this downstairs office. It’s such a cozy workspace, don’t you think so? Roop did the same for the bathroom’s tile.

Coastal Cottage downstairs office Small scale Coastal Cottage Offering You Panoramic Ocean Views

After talking about the downstairs office and the bathroom in stripe pattern, let’s look for more inspiring ideas in other rooms. Inventive palettes become the trademark of Roop. And he comes up with them where he used to work in Louis Boston, a menswear store. In that store, everything was clearly bespoke. And the experiences he got there stuck with him. He approaches color palette in a room the way some people will choose with a suit of a shirt and tie and go. That’s the way Roop gets inspiration for this small-scale coastal cottage. Hope you get inspired!


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