Small Coastal Cottage with Impressive Design

Frank Roop has ingeniously conjured this well-worn cottage of fisherman into a stunning small coastal cottage. With his brainy and beguiling transformation of a shack in Massachusetts fisherman, a coastal palette has led him to actualize the idea. Despite narrow quarters, the small cottage house feels quite expansive. Roop wrapped banquettes of the rooms especially around the perimeter while leaving the middles to stay open. All the furnishings are on legs thus you can see obviously the bare floor beneath. It is such a good trick to make a space look larger. And when he wanted this kind of seating with extra deep in smaller-sized rooms, he always makes it with low-slung to give some air to the room.

Coastal Cottage home Small Coastal Cottage with Impressive Design

The décor of this small coastal cottage has a barefoot sophistication. Roop likes to mess around space with random elements. Note the quirky stool in the upstairs family room or sitting room and also the root table that you can find in the living room. Thus, it will not feel pretentious. Roop affirms that he avoids symmetry. Besides in family room and living room, you will still find so many surprises such as in this dining area, the sculpture which is embedded on the wall is just some driftwood that he found on eBay. The price was cheap thus I decided to order a case and used the decorative item everywhere especially in this dining area as wall decoration.

Comfy Coastal Cottage Design Small Coastal Cottage with Impressive Design

Inventive palettes are Roop’s trademark. He came up with them when he used to work in a store of menswear in Louis Boston. In that store, everything was bespoke. The experiences he got there really stuck with him. He approaches a color palette of room the way some people might buy a shirt with the tie to go with a neat suit. But in this case, blue and white, for him was a no brainer for a coastal beach house. But that became a starting point to the project of this small coastal cottage. He laid out hundreds of fabric swatches and organized them by color and tone until he got and found the ones that really worked best together.

Coastal Cottage Living Space With Beautiful Beach Views Small Coastal Cottage with Impressive Design

In accomplishing his project includes this small coastal cottage; he always aims for contrast like the lampshade in offbeat lime in the corner of the upstairs family room or sitting room. It obviously adds punch. Mostly, people don’t add lampshades in brightly color but at night, they really look so beautiful.


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