Several Ideas of Modern Kitchen Design Part 2

3 modern kitchen ideas have been reviewed in the previous article. The ideas include modern kitchen in white and gray, modern kitchen with island, and modern kitchen with large island. Each idea has an interesting looks and enjoyable feel. To give you more inspiration, here are other 3 ideas that you can apply.

Modern Kitchen with Glass Unit Several Ideas of Modern Kitchen Design Part 2

A modern kitchen with glass unit is the first idea. Glass is used as the material of the large cupboard which is built into the wall. This cupboard can be the focal point of the kitchen. The cupboard is used to put tableware and glassware. A large island counter equipped with open shelving is placed in the middle of the room. The open shelves can be used to put your collection of cookbooks. Light brown is used for the ceiling, floors, the base of the counter, and the floor which has a wood motif. The bar stools that are applied in the island area are black-colored. White is used for the walls and countertops. One big vase of flowers is put on island counter to as the decoration.

Modern Kitchen with Open Shelving in the Island Several Ideas of Modern Kitchen Design Part 2

The next design is a modern kitchen with shelving in the island. The island counter is equipped with open and closed shelves. They can be used to put tableware or glassware.  There are two island counters that connected to one another. The other one is a dark gray floating counter which is completed with the bar stools. Wood motif is used for the brown cabinets and floors to give a classic look. For the lighting, you can install under the cabinets light and some pendants above the island counter. Overall, it is simple yet beautiful design.

Modern L shaped Kitchen Several Ideas of Modern Kitchen Design Part 2

The last design is a modern L-shaped kitchen that looks elegant. The L-shaped kitchen design is commonly used for the narrow room. To make it simple, the design does not use island counter but use a dining table in the middle of the kitchen. The dining table is made of glass. There are 4 chairs applied in the dining table. The bottom cabinets and cupboard are brown-colored with a wood motif, while the upper cabinets and countertops are white. There is also one white big pendant that is hung near the cabinetry area.