Several Ideas of Modern Kitchen Design Part 1

In the globalization era, it’s all about look, especially in designs. When building something, the first thing to consider is the design. Everyone has their own taste in design including the kitchen’s design. When choosing the design, there are some things to be considered such as the size of the kitchen. To give you inspirations, here are several ideas of modern kitchen design that you can apply.

Modern Kitchen in White and Gray Several Ideas of Modern Kitchen Design Part 1

The design theme of this kitchen is modern in white and gray. Even though it looks simple, it has a cozy feel. The use of white is more dominant than gray. White is applied on the ceiling, wall, island counter, countertops, and counter stools. Gray is applied as the color of the cabinets. It uses gray tile as the material of the floors. There is a glass door with a white frame on one side of the wall that is connected the kitchen to the outside. To make the kitchen more beautiful, you can put a vase of flowers on the countertop. To complement the look, apply some small pendants above the island counter.

Modern Kitchen with Island Several Ideas of Modern Kitchen Design Part 1

This kitchen design mostly uses white. People sometimes avoid using white because it easily gets dirty especially for kitchen. But white is pretty cool as the main color of the kitchen as long as it stays clean. White is used for the bar stools, island counter, countertops, ceiling, and walls. To add some colors to the kitchen, brown color is applied to the cabinets. Besides that, some small pendants are also installed above the island counter. A vase of yellow flowers is put on the countertop. The floors are made of dark wood. The kitchen is connected to the family room that consists of a table and some sofas as well as a red carpet which is placed under the sofa.

Modern Kitchen with Large Island Several Ideas of Modern Kitchen Design Part 1

It is a modern kitchen with large island that looks interesting. Four gray bar stools are applied in this large island. The kitchen consists of two main colors which are brown and white. Brown is applied for the cabinets and the base of the island counter, while white is used for the walls, countertops, and backsplash. The brown ceiling is made of wood. You can also put some flowers on the island counter.

Other ideas will be reviewed in the next article.



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