Retro Modern Living Rooms with Fascinating Decorations

It is not a new thing in the interior design that the color combination of orange and yellow has become a trend nowadays. Those two colors can be used as the proper combination in the retro style living room, whether it is a classic retro or modern retro living room style. By the blends of classic retro and modern style, you can make a brighter ambiance in the living room becomes picturesque. Then, how can we pour the retro concepts in our modern living room style? Here some tips and examples of retro modern living rooms for you:

1. Use a pale cream color that dominates the room. This color has a warmer shade in the retro living room style than the white color. It will be great if you can combine with large window as your modern architecture; however, if you cannot provide the windows, you can change with a brighter painting comes in a large size.

2. Place one big sofa in a natural color
Take a sofa in natural color such as white, dark gray or brown. Make sure you chose the simple one. It does not matter whether you select the sofa with legs or not. To create a more retro nuance, add several side chairs or cushions according to the living room color scheme. You can use patterned chairs combined with plain chairs to invent a livelier shade.

a living room with one big sofa as the main furniture Retro Modern Living Rooms with Fascinating Decorations

This is a living room with one big sofa as the main furniture in the space. With the combination of dark gray and light cream, it looks nicer with the patterned pillows on it. Furry area rugs can make the living room shade niftier. While for the other furniture, there are cross coffee table appropriate to the side chairs in wooden legs here. Natural colors in this living room mixed to some decorations make the space have retro modern. Especially the curved stand floor lamp, can also give a certain drama in this living room.

retro modern living room interior design Retro Modern Living Rooms with Fascinating Decorations

Another retro modern living room here does not use many color combinations. Just simple pale blue color with a little gray touches combined to the wooden furniture has already give a retro ambiance. Symmetrical furniture arrangement looks very neat here.
One thing you need to keep in mind is you have to be careful to use the pale colors, or you will get dull impression in your interior.


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