Retro Beach House in San Francisco

yves saint laurent posh poster Retro Beach House in San Francisco

We will continue the house tour in this cozy retro beach house which is located in San Francisco. In the master bedroom, post posters of Yves Saint Laurent pay honor to the homeowner’s love of fashion. The home designer has elevated color to such kind of fashion-y thing. The appealing posters are placed on the top of trunk together with book collections and greenery on white vase. A window with white frame offers sufficient daylight to this master bedroom.

beetlecat wallpaper katie ridder Retro Beach House in San Francisco

Beetlecat wallpaper Katie Ridder has given a playful to the boy’s room in this retro beach house but it does not feel overly cute. Bunk beds in white are nestled in the corner space with appealing pillows. Blanket in soft brown are added to give some warmth to the boys. At the bed foot, there is a trunk with nautical theme which is used as storage. The top is cushioned base with yellow upholstery. It can be used as a stool or just to place some items. Above the trunk, some hooks are mounted to hang the clothes, coats and hats.

cozy retro deck Retro Beach House in San Francisco

Extension table of Fermob Costa carries bright turquoise onto the deck. This stunning beach retro beach house also has a deck to see the oceanic views. To pull off all the color would have been more difficult if the home designer used more colors, and also sort of colors in all spaces and rooms of this retro beach house. The fluidity is both celebratory and calming, says the home designer. Everyone can relax in this spot and also have fun together. To ensure the safety for the family member, wooden fence is added in the deck. Armless chairs for four are chosen to pair the turquoise wooden table. Serve some delicious snacks and beverages for your family members thus you will an ultimate fun with them.

The retro beach house has a small bath with personality. It has a powder room where everyone can gild the lily. The home designer chose a loud geometric to bring this space a slightly over-the-top sense. Bright ocean blue is chosen for the geometric wallpaper; it is Recessed from Studio Printworks. The width of this powder room just fits for a vanity with a wall mirror and two wall sconces over it. A towel holder of stainless steel is mounted on the leftmost wall.


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