Resin Furniture Design to Encapsulate Beauty in Home Decor

earth table Resin Furniture Design to Encapsulate Beauty in Home Decor

Furniture designers have established new ways to take advantage of resin over the past years including its defining characteristics to make unique and gorgeous pieces. Then, Resin furniture has become a trend, a style and inspiration source for a new thinking way. But exactly, what is resin and how to define it? The easiest and simplest way to explain it will be a highly viscous substance which hardens over time or when it is exposed to heat or to another substance. The process is called as polymerization which the resin is transformed into a solid by using adhesive properties during the transitioning process. And we will see the inspiring products of resin furniture design, just read this article further.

There are numerous resin different types which include polyamides, polyurethanes, polyester, silicones, epoxies, polystyrene or acrylics. Each of them distinct characteristics and uses. Resin furniture just described the types of faux wicker or the more durable alternatives to plastic tables and chairs referred to outdoor pieces mostly used on patios and decks till not so long ago. But then, a new style came and it took advantage or the adhesive property of resin. We are talking about resin furniture design which is created by mixing resin with some materials include wood to create organic and intricate forms and patterns. See below the most iconic ones of resin furniture design:

This outstanding Earth table has an original and unique top which was made by putting 50.000-year-old kauri wood together. The material is from New Zealand and it is combined with resin. The design is our planet artistic representation. The charm of this elegant piece comes from the contrast look between the wood texture and the resin transparency. Let’s see another resin furniture design.

kauri beam Resin Furniture Design to Encapsulate Beauty in Home Decor

This one is named as the Kauri Beam table. It is a masterpiece of C.R.& S.RIVA1920. The feature is quite similar that it puts together between resin and wood though in different portions. In this case, the resin is more of a link that links the wood sections and completes the table that allows it to have a rectangular top wit smooth surface with no physical interruptions.


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