Remarkable Kitchen Ideas and Designs that Will Impress You

floral wallpaper in kitchen interior decor Remarkable Kitchen Ideas and Designs that Will Impress You

This kitchen was initially a smaller culinary space which has been revamped into an expansive kitchen by Annette English, the ingenious designer of this project. This enticing kitchen picks the charm of the traditional style of a 1937s house. To prettify the look of the décor, she pushed the space forward with some good looking elements like the idyllic faceted pendant lamps from Reborn Antiques. The lighting fixtures are so big but the use of translucent element makes the items feel airy and light. The surface of the floor has a similar pattern like the herringbone in subtle beige hue. Another pattern, we can find I the surface of the wallpaper of floral motif that depicts a flower with four petals.

Elegant Kitchen With British Country Accent Remarkable Kitchen Ideas and Designs that Will Impress You

The smooth surfaces of the curvaceous backs of the chairs which are covered by nailed fabric invite you to sit there comfortably. An elegant dining table with a lavish surface of white marble top is coupled to complete the display of the armless chairs. In general, this captivating kitchen is a contemporary interpretation of a house with the English country accent. A sense of transparency is offered by the massive use of the translucent glass elements on the windows that allow the inhabitants to enjoy the ample daylight and scenic views. The election of the windows treatment in this space i.e. Marvin Ultimate Casement was a perfect choice to allow the daylight that permeates the hub of the room. Finally, the installation of the window creates an elegant space with a bright light.

kitchen decorating ideas with stunning breakfast room Remarkable Kitchen Ideas and Designs that Will Impress You

The wagon wheel chandeliers over the breakfast room bring the rustic touch to the décor. French doors lit the dining space, one is the picture window and the other one is on either side near the kitchen. The curvaceous feature of the doors enhances the final display of the décor. This spacious interior implies the use of open plan concept that merges the dining area with the culinary space which is separated by the French door. A long wooden dining table is intentionally provided to accommodate more people in the breakfast room. Thus, eight stylish dining chairs are added to accompany the length of the table.

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