Remarkable Kitchen Decorating Ideas that Will Captivate You

small space traditional kitchen decor Remarkable Kitchen Decorating Ideas that Will Captivate You

This mesmerizing kitchen of modern Provincial in a California house is designed by Madeline Stuart. This culinary space is decorated with grooved cabinetry in minimalist accent. The cabinet is painted in a soft custom color of limestone and green for the countertops. The designer says that the kitchen needs to have a masculine look but still inviting and warm. The sage green that emits the warm feel to the décor will be suitable for those who love to cook and also garden. Thus, the designer updated the look of the cabinets in that soothing and fresh hue of green which in other hand also spreads warmness to the space. Traditionally, the color is used to paint greenhouses. The color has the flair to soften the dark-green shade of the marble countertops.

pink kitchen decorating themes Remarkable Kitchen Decorating Ideas that Will Captivate You

If you do not have any plan to paint the surface of your ceiling, you may listen to the advice of Patrick Killian, a creative designer who suggests trying pink color for your cabinets. The cabinets in this kitchen are soft salmon which have a soft but eye-catching look. The hot pink of Gypsy Rose also adorns the look of the ceiling in a stylish way. The designer painted the insides parts of the cabinets in a lighter shade of the same color. The effect of the color is delighting and surprising that makes the ceiling looks more energizing.  The round bases of the barstools also exude the charm of this hot yet subtle hue.

kitchen decorating with great cabinetry Remarkable Kitchen Decorating Ideas that Will Captivate You

This kitchen is nestled in an enthralling house in New Jersey. This multipurpose space is designed by Caitlin Wilson which is accentuated by the use of the consistent hue of hazy skies. This culinary space is painted dominantly in one color with the charm of the elegant gray. The color is similar like a frothy latte which is not too cold and also not too dark. It just feels so right. This color has its natural flair to bring a little gravitas of architectural to the furnishings including the cabinetry. And if the hue feels quite restrained, you can bring in yellow, lemony, white and blue to the décor.


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