Refreshing Living Rooms with Indoor Plants Inspirations

Giving a fresh feel in the living room can be realized by using some plants that can bring a more oxygen in your home. Some of us only place several plants on each corner, on the tables or shelves. Some of us also make a particular place near or even in the living room to be the special place for planting. By doing so, the oxygen that resulted can be more and more and then a refreshing fell will also increase properly.

About this, we have three refreshing and comfortable living rooms that have indoor plants.

refreshing living room with retro yellow chair and green tree Refreshing Living Rooms with Indoor Plants Inspirations

First, we have a retro nuance living room with the green tree that grown next to the main room. People can enjoy fresh atmosphere beyond the glass door and get the relaxing time with family in this living room. What come striking from this place is those yellow chairs. It placed near the glass door as the additional seating aside from the gray sofa set. This living room also has artistic items on the wall and the lower table. The ceiling light will illuminate brightly in the evening, while the wooden shelf cupboard at the front provides a good entertaining stuff for the family.

luxurious living room with classical features Refreshing Living Rooms with Indoor Plants Inspirations

The first impression when I saw this living room was the Greenhouse that combined with classical features in the home interior. It is a luxurious living room that really bight and looks very shady. Some classic furniture yet timeless such as the couches, floor lamps and the other ones created its theme. Warp windows, classic pendants and vinyl flooring blend with huge planting bring us back to the nature.

traditional Asian living room with sunken form Refreshing Living Rooms with Indoor Plants Inspirations

This sunken living room has a simple and minimalist design but it looks very lovely and comfortable. I cannot say much for this lounge but I love how the plants on the pot can bring the fresh and delightful impression when sitting here. In addition, there is also a flower pot on the table that looks beautiful. The blue display that place on the right and the left side bring the Asian living room theme which is fantastic. The seating area itself consists of curved sofas with many pillows in white color. Wooden flooring combined with black walls and makes a contrasted shade which is gorgeous.


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