Red Kitchen Makeover Ideas that Brings Style

Well, we meet again with a cooking space that implies U-shaped layout for this decor. This is not the DIY type. Then, you can go for this tiled backsplash choice instead for this red kitchen makeover ideas. Martins Camisuli Architects obviously knows that the splash of red will let you bring all the red accents like your desire. The vibrant red and glossy surface of the backsplash truly draws the attention among the pristine white color in this cooking space. The ceiling, wall backdrop, countertops, and cabinetry are all dominated by pristine white color. The skylight in the hub of the ceiling just makes everything in the space brighter and more charming. The floor has a shabby color and texture on its surface. It has an over scale size compare to the narrow space of this kitchen.

contemporary red kitchen Red Kitchen Makeover Ideas that Brings Style

Although one of our red kitchen makeover ideas is narrow in space, I do really like how the homeowners arrange everything neatly here and they seem trying to optimize each space available there. Upper cabinetry is installed to flank the silver hood in the middle. The left cabinet has a door and it is used to fit the micro wife while the opposite storage is open and it is used to display some books, decorative ornaments, and collections. Some potted plants or herbs can be added nearby the window to get sufficient daylight thru the transparent glass.

spanish kitchen Red Kitchen Makeover Ideas that Brings Style

There is just something about the kitchen in Spanish style that makes you want to add all those spicy nachos to your cooking space. These red kitchen makeover ideas are dominated by the red cabinets that lay the foundation for best cooking space in Spanish style that you have ever seen. This kitchen is the masterpiece of Cheryl Ketner Interiors. The use of marble for this countertops offers you some benefits besides adding the opulent look to any decor, that typical element also helps cleaning everything easier. For the final touch, just add terra cotta. Each space in this Spanish kitchen is utilized maximal includes the empty wall for the corner upper cabinet. Thus, for the two of our today’s red kitchen makeover ideas, which is your favorite?


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