Posh Natural Bathroom with Limestone Walls

 Posh Natural Bathroom with Limestone Walls

When a bathroom is surrounded by many garnishes which are made of the natural materials, it can bring back our senses toward nature. The homey feeling which is capable presented by this kind of a bathroom can help us to release out of our stress and soothe our messy minds. One of various bathrooms that take nature as their decoration theme is the picture above which is made by Lori Dennis.

This bathroom’s wall is made of the natural stones. The texture of the stones is bumpy and still looks like the original. These stone walls present you an atmosphere as if you were returning to the Stone Age. On these walls, there are two big mirrors which you can see. Also, they are equipped with one set of the floating vanity which is made of the black wooden material. It has double vessel sinks with minimalist metal faucets. Many cabinets are also available under the countertop of this vanity so that you can save same kinds of your stuff, such as the toiletries inside.

Moreover, in this room, there are two areas that you can use to clean your body. First is in the shower room and the second is in the soaking area or bathtub. The freestanding bathtub which is available in this bathroom is carved from the limestone. A minimalist faucet made of stainless metal for filling up the tub with the water is mounted on the cream-colored floor. Meanwhile, in the shower room, you can see clearly straight to this room without being handicapped by anything. It is because this room is made of transparent glass both of the door and walls. The room is also equipped with a steam shower which is hanging on the white ceiling and seat which is made of the natural stone.

The lighting systems of this bathroom are designed cleverly. It has not only the artificial lighting systems but also the natural one. On the ceiling, there are some recessed lights that can brighten up this room. Many transparent windows that have a high scale of their size let the radiance outside enter and surrounds the bathroom.


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