Posh Japanese Style Bathroom with Feng Shui Ideas

Japanese Style Bathroom with Feng Shui Idea Posh Japanese Style Bathroom with Feng Shui Ideas

If you have a wish to own a plush Japanese style bathroom, the picture above might be one of the best choices that you can try. This bathroom takes Feng Shui as its concept. Talk a bit about Feng Shui. Feng Shui is a philosophy of Chinese that harmonize people with the environment around them. Therefore, this bathroom can give you tranquility undoubtedly.

As you can see, the bathroom in the picture is quite large from the Japanese style bathroom in general. This bathroom is filled with the brown colors from the fixtures which are made of bamboo wood, such as the ceiling, bathtub, vanity, walls, and also built-in seating. The vanity is also equipped with some stainless metal faucets. The metals from the faucets can be shiny when the lights hit them. This shimmer makes this bathroom look more elegant and modern despite the natural atmosphere that is given by the wood fixtures.

Furthermore, this room is surrounded by many windows which are made of the transparent glass on any side of the walls. Plus, both of the shower and bathtub areas are adjacent with one these windows. So, whether you are soaking in the tub or just taking a shower, you can unwind while enjoying the scenery outside. The room also gets the natural exposures because of them. The shower room is used the translucent glass so that your vision won’t be handicapped with any stuff. There is a wood built-in seating and flexible douche in there. So, if you don’t want to stand under the douche while showering, you can sit on the seat instead. You can take your time to clean your body from any dirt by using this flexible douche while sitting and enjoying the outer view.

The greatness of this room doesn’t stop only here. This bathroom doesn’t depend just on the natural lighting. It also receives a sufficient lighting from the artificial lighting systems which are installed on the wood ceiling. Hence, you don’t need to worry because these artificial lights let you see clearly in the bathroom when you need to go into this room in the night.


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