Some Popular Small Outdoor Patios Design Recommendation

Having a perfect patio is a holy grail for everyone. Many people dream of having a perfect patio that can be used for many utilities. Since patio is an outdoor place, many people like to enjoy many outdoor activities on it. As a result, having a beautiful and comfortable patio can help them enjoying their activities. When it comes to building your own patio, the first thing you should consider is your patio plan. If don’t have any idea about your patio plan, you can try to apply these small outdoor patios as a recommendation. Take a look at these patio ideas to get inspired.

1. Small outdoor patios with cover

outdoor patio with umbrella cover Some Popular Small Outdoor Patios Design Recommendation

Patio now has many different types, styles, and designs. One of the many popular patio designs is covered patio. Covered patio is popular because the owner can get protected from sunburn or rain by its patio cover. Also, covered patio design can be used in different backyard space, includes small backyard space. When you apply this patio idea, you need to consider your patio floor, cover, and furniture. First, pour concrete on your patio as the patio flooring that is good for many patio designs includes covered small patio design. Then, add a folding patio umbrella as your patio cover to protect your activities from sunburn and UV rays. As the final touch, complement your patio with a set of patio furniture to support your outdoor livings.

2. Small outdoor patios as balcony patio

small balcony patio with great outdoor furniture Some Popular Small Outdoor Patios Design Recommendation

Balcony patio is a unique patio design which is located on a balcony. This patio idea suits for those who live in an apartment. Since many apartments come up with small outdoor space, balcony patio can be applied on small space. If you love this patio idea, all you need is preparing your balcony floor, furniture, and decorations. First, add an outdoor rug on your balcony to embellish your patio. Then, add a set of furniture to complement your patio. Finally, add some potted plants as your patio ornament.

3. Small outdoor patios with simple design.

small outdoor patio with simple concept Some Popular Small Outdoor Patios Design Recommendation

Simple design is also a popular patio design. This patio design uses less furniture and decorations than other small outdoor patios that are previously mentioned, which means it looks not crowded. Add a set of patio furniture contains a patio table with two chairs on your patio as your patio furniture to support your activities.


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