Palm Beach Apartment by Aldous Bertram

seating area in White Cube Apartment Palm Beach Apartment by Aldous Bertram

This stunning Palm Beach apartment belongs to Lindroth and she commissioned a British artist named Aldous Bertram. Then, he transformed the nondescript pied-a-terre. Paintings of trompe l’oeil by Bertram are such as the scrolls that frame the Addison Mizner windows. They help break up the wall expanses in this seating area. Previously, this home was a bare box when the owner moved in. The furnishings in this Palm Beach apartment are sold thru Lindroth’s nearby store, known as Lindroth Design. In the seating area, there are wicker chairs of Vintage Bielecky which were found at a local resale shop, known as Church Mouse. You will also see an artistic “Palm Beach Revisited” collages which are made by Jean-Charles de Ravenal, Lindroth’s friend. Those artistic items hang from a picture rail that you can find inside a painted faux frame.

home bar in White Cube Apartment Palm Beach Apartment by Aldous Bertram

The doorway of the Palm Beach apartment is animated by faux plasterwork of Rococo that makes the entrance grand. Over the top, space is used to place many decorative and artistic ceramics in blue. Nearby the white door, there is a small side table with additional open storage beneath. This Palm Beach apartment also has a custom cabinet. This item provides an architectural presence in the seating area while also serving as a functional hospitable bar. The oversize and tuipieres ginger jars are from F.S. Henemader. Then, the artist embellished the mirrored niches with plasterwork trope l’oeil renderings from the historic English manor Claydon House. They animate the seating area display.

hallway in White Apartment Palm Beach Apartment by Aldous Bertram

In this Palm Beach apartment hallway, the wallpaper of Quadrille Rio is sheathed and the cushions of a vintage settee are in Schumacher’s Beckford. The bold orange tone of the settee’s upholstery makes this item more stunning. Over it, there is a huge wall decorative mirror with the artistically engraved accent on its frame. Nearby this area, there is a big palm tree which is placed in a beautiful pot. After talking about the seating area and the hallway, let’s move to the master bedroom, in this personal room, you will see a portrait of the homeowner’s mother holding her lovely dog named Ribbons. This artistic item is hung over the master canopy bed. Feel the calm atmosphere of the subtle green wall backdrop.

subtle green master bedroom in White Cube Apartment Palm Beach Apartment by Aldous Bertram


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